Old Taiping Railway Station • Food Court, Gallery & Original Artefacts

Old Taiping Railway Station

Taiping is where Malaysia’s railways started with the Taiping-Port Weld Railway in 1885. The Old Taiping Railway Station that this article is referring to is the second Taiping Railway Station in Taiping on the KTM Northern Line as the first station on the Taiping-Port Weld Railway has already been dismantled.

As the Old Taiping Railway Station has been kept in tact even with the completion of the Ipoh-Padang Besar Electrified Double Track Project (EDTP), and actively functioning still, though not as a railway station, I had always wanted to check it out and have a meal there. Travelling from Butterworth by KTM Komuter Northern Sector 2905dn, I arrived at the third and current Taiping Railway Station which is located adjacent to the Old Taiping Railway Station.

Old Taiping Railway Station

The façade of the Old Taiping Railway Station. Old Taiping Railway Station currently functions as a food court, with some original railway artefacts kept in tact.

Here are the food stalls and restaurants available at from north to south:

The Train Chicken Wings Sandwich

The Train Chicken Wings Sandwich sells, well, chicken wings and sandwiches. They are currently temporarily closed. View details here.

KTM Pizza

KTM Pizza has a similar logo to KTM Komuter, but are most likely not related to KTM themselves. KTM Pizza has pizza and Sup Chakoroi. View details here.

Old Taiping Railway Station Gallery

The Old Taiping Railway Station Gallery is in the middle of the old station building.

Cendol KTM

Cendol KTM is also most likely not related to KTM themselves. Cendol KTM sells cendol of course, along with Laksa, Pasembor, and drinks. View details here. More details below too.

L.A Burger

Again, no prizes for guessing what L.A Burger sells. Burgers, grills, rice, sides, and drinks are available, but there does not seem to be any pasta contrary to what their signboard says. View details here.

Railway Station Laksa

Railway Station Laksa sells Laksa, Rojak, Keropok, Ais Kacang, Cendol, and drinks. View details here.

FMSR Nasi Kandar Ali

And lastly, FMSR Nasi Kandar Ali which is your basic mamak. View details here. More details below too.

An old station signboard is kept on the southern end of Old Taiping Railway Station.

The façade of Old Taiping Railway Station from the southern end.

Not much emphasis is given on the station sign with a car parked right in front of it.

There are also more food stalls located opposite the Old Taiping Railway Station with KTM-related names too.

Old Taiping Railway Station Gallery

There is an Old Taiping Railway Station Gallery in the middle of the station building. Old posters fill the concourse area where the dining area of Cendol KTM is.

The signboard of the Old Taiping Railway Station Gallery.

Entering the Old Taiping Railway Station Gallery which is a gate to the former platform.

Much of the platform itself is in tact, now operating as dining areas for the food stalls along the station. The new track and platform of Taiping Railway Station sits above the former track.

The former levers on the platform are still around, though without further bars connecting to the points and signals any more.

The levers are kept within the caged room.

The gallery might be in this room, but this was closed.

Tables and chairs fill up the space in front of what I think is the Old Taiping Railway Station Gallery.

The rest of the platform is an al-fresco dining area of the food outlets.

Heading out of the Old Taiping Railway Station Gallery.

Lunch at FMSR Nasi Kandar Ali

I had my lunch at FMSR Nasi Kandar Ali since I needed something fast in order to catch my next train back to Butterworth. I forgot the price of this set, but it was expensive.

Sitting on the old platform allows me to train spot from the comfort of my seat. Here is ETS Platinum 9175dn and KTM Komuter Northern Sector 2906up.

Dessert at Cendol KTM

After lunch, with a bit of time to spare, I decided to get a cendol from Cendol KTM to have a seat on the former concourse area.

Old cinema posters adorn the former concourse area.

As compared to my Nasi Kandar meal, the cendol at Cendol KTM was very cheap in comparison at only RM1.50.

After having my lunch at Old Taiping Railway Station, I headed back to Taiping Railway Station via the sheltered walkway to catch my train back to Butterworth.


While Old Taiping Railway Station is in tact operating as a food court, not much emphasis is on the railway’s history at the time of my visit, due to the closure of the Old Taiping Railway Station Gallery. Nevertheless, the building is functioning regularly on a daily basis which is a good function to an otherwise dilapidated station if nobody is using it.

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