Rail Boutique KTMB On Shopee Now Delivers To Singapore

Rail Boutique KTMB Singapore Shopee Store

On 3 February 2021, KTM Berhad announced that the Rail Boutique KTMB on Shopee is now shipping to Singapore. The Rail Boutique is KTM Berhad’s souvenir store which recently expanded online on Shopee for the Malaysian market, and Singapore is the first international destination to ship to.

First Reactions

I actually knew about the Rail Boutique KTMB shipping to Singapore through WhatsApp first. And being realistic, I asked, “who will buy?”.

Ah, of course. I asked a useless KTM question for myself again, because I’m always the one who’s always buying first stuff from KTM.

Hi KTM, am I your first Shopee International Platform customer?

Receiving My Rail Boutique KTMB Order In Singapore

A surprisingly quick 6 days from Kuala Lumpur Railway Station to my house, my first Rail Boutique KTMB Singapore purchase is finally here!

Also surprising because the last mile in Singapore was done by J&T. *jeng jeng jeng*

For comparison, something I ordered from Bangi took 10 days to get to Semenyih. It’s faster to send stuff direct to Singapore than asking a friend to help you combine a parcel.

Seems like KTM sent it from Kuala Lumpur Railway Station to Shopee’s warehouse in Shah Alam before Shopee sends it over to Singapore, thus saving on both cost and time since Shopee would have bulk and frequent shipment.

Unboxing My Rail Boutique KTMB Order

Oh look, that’s 3 more items than I expected in my package.

KTM Berhad ETS Business Class Collar Shirt

For this trial purchase, I got myself a KTM Berhad ETS Business Class Collar shirt. This costs S$19.38 before shipping of S$1. For comparison, this exact same item costs RM49.90 in Shopee Malaysia, so it costs about 20% more in the Singapore store.

Well, at least KTM Berhad isn’t charging Ringgit to Dollar just like train fares, I guess.

Here’s the front and back view of my new KTM Berhad ETS Business Class Collar shirt. Might have clicked on the wrong size, but I guess a bigger loose shirt is better than a tight one.

Free Gifts

Along with my purchase, KTM threw in a free sticker sheet, a Rail Boutique KTMB catalogue, and a thank you note.

Yeah, I would love to tag you on Facebook, KTM Berhad, but

  1. Nobody can tag you on Facebook, and
  2. You blocked RailTravel Station on Facebook

KTM Berhad, if you decide to unblock RailTravel Station on Facebook one day, I might consider tagging you then, thanks.


This isn’t my first purchase from Rail Boutique KTMB – I have other stuff already bought through a friend but are all stuck in Malaysia thanks to COVID-19. However, in corona times, the Rail Boutique KTMB Singapore Shopee Store is a good alternative to get my souvenirs easily.

I wonder what’s the motivation for shipping to Singapore though, the market for KTM souvenirs isn’t exactly big, and most Singaporeans would think that KTM either died with Tanjong Pagar Railway Station or is only the Shuttle Tebrau to JB for a traffic-jam free Causeway experience. ETS and Komuter trains are unheard off to the common Singaporean on the street.

Well, hopefully the Rail Boutique KTMB Singapore Shopee Store will continue to be up and running since overheads are unlikely high. Buying or trying out new KTM Berhad products when launched has been my way to support KTM Berhad in their road to achieving their RM1 profit since 2009.

Visit the Rail Boutique KTMB Singapore Shopee Store here!

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