KTM Shuttle Timuran 35dn from Bahau to Gemas by Train

KTM Shuttle Timuran 35dn Train from Bahau to Gemas

Quite surprisingly, there is no stage bus service between Bahau and Gemas, forming a missing bus link in the square that I have almost completed. Fortunately, the KTM Shuttle Timuran has 2 pairs of trains daily during the day between Bahau and Gemas under the Kuala Lipis-Gemas service, so ironically, the KTM Shuttle Timuran closes up the missing public transport link between Bahau and Gemas. Heading back to Singapore after lunch, I used Shuttle Timuran 35dn to connect with the Ekspres Selatan 45dn at Gemas.

Bahau Railway Station

Bahau Railway Station is located not far away from Bahau Bus Terminal, just about a 5-minute walk away.

Heading into Bahau Railway Station.

Bahau Railway Station has a Minangkabau-style roof, which made me feel a little bit like I was back in Divre II.

Heading into Bahau Railway Station.

Bahau Railway Station has a simple layout as a ground level station serving a single platform.

The ticket counter was closed but is opened on demand when there is an approaching train. The station master came out to the platform to ask me if I already had my ticket. However, as I had already bought my ticket in advance on the KTMB Integrated Ticketing System (KITS), the counter was not opened for me.

The waiting hall is simple, in the middle of the station and platform.

There is also a food outlet, but as my journey was during the Ramadan month, this was closed during lunch time.

The platform of Bahau Railway Station.

There is a token catcher installed, but this is not actively used as Bahau Railway Station has a porter, and all trains stop here anyway.

And here comes my Shuttle Timuran 35dn.

Token Passing

The Station Master of Bahau Railway Station passes the Bahau-Gemas token to the Fireman (?) of my Shuttle Timuran 35dn. There were 4 crew in the cab of my Shuttle Timuran 35dn, so I’m not 100% sure of their ranks.

Shuttle Timuran 35dn

61 Class DMU06 was operating on my Shuttle Timuran 35dn from Bahau to Gemas.

The interior of DMU06 in Coach A.

DMU06 is a Version 2 with PV, which also means it has longitudinal seats by the doors in end coaches.

Table seats are also available in Coach A near the Bistro area.

The Bistro was closed during my trip.

No signs of a menu were available at the Bistro any more.

The Bistro also looks suspiciously clean, as if it had not been used for a long time.

Side tables and stools are available opposite the Bistro counter.

The interior of Coach B where my booked seat was.

I’m booked in Seat 5D today.

The legroom available on the 61 Class DMU.

A spring footrest is also available.

A tray table is also provided behind each seat back.

A toilet is available in Coach B.

My Shuttle Timuran 35dn departed from Bahau Railway Station on time at 2.07pm.

Passing the railway crossing south of Bahau Railway Station.

Passing by the easily-busy level crossing at the junction of Routes 10 and 13. This is the main road to Jempol, Triang, and Temerloh.

The train wasn’t moving very fast, with speeds constantly below 60km/h throughout the journey.

Passing the Rompin Level Crossing on Route 10.

Passing by the site of the former Rompin Railway Station. There is currently no public transport option to Rompin. (Not to be confused with Kuala Rompin, Pahang.)

Passing by the site of the former Londah Railway Halt.

Much of the scenery on this route features the jungle, like it’s nickname, the Jungle Railway.

Crossing the railway crossing at Taman Molek Gemas.

Passing by the bypass junction to the KTM Central Line.

Passing by Gemas Depot.

Meeting with the main KTM Central Line north of Gemas Railway Station.

Entering Gemas Railway Station.

Passing by disused BSC (Blue Second Class) (ex-JR West) coaches.

Entering Gemas Railway Station.

A rake of ASC (INKA) coaches was stabling on the freight bypass line.

Gemas Railway Station

My Shuttle Timuran 35dn arrived at Gemas Railway Station at 2.55pm – 7 minutes early. The Shuttle Timuran DMU trains usually use Platforms 1 and 2 at Gemas Railway Station.

From here, I crossed the linkbridge over to Platform 5 where my Ekspres Selatan 45dn was already waiting.

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