Shuttle Timuran 57dn from Tumpat to Pasir Mas by Train (61 Class DMU01 / 61101 Tumpat)

Shuttle Timuran 57dn from Tumpat to Pasir Mas by 61 Class DMU

Between my Ekspres Khas Keluarga Malaysia 1028up and Ekspres Rakyat Timuran 27dn, I had about 5 hours to spare in Tumpat Railway Station. During this time, I decided to head back down to Pasir Mas by Shuttle Timuran 57dn to do a bit of research, now with the demise of Cityliner, to see how other nearby towns are still connected, and possibly research for a future trip to Thailand via Rantau Panjang and Sungai Golok now that the trunk Cityliner Bus Service 29 is gone.

Tumpat Railway Station

I had pre-purchased my ticket on the KTMB Mobile App while on board Ekspres Khas Keluarga Malaysia 1028up beforehand since it was only RM1 each way and I had credits in my KTM Wallet, so I headed straight for boarding after taking some photos around after alighting from Ekspres Khas Keluarga Malaysia 1028up.

As the Ekspres Khas Keluarga Malaysia 1028up was at Platform 1, the Shuttle Timuran 57dn was departing from the brand new Platform 2.

Heading down the very tall overhead bridge.

61 Class DMU01 was operating on my Shuttle Timuran 57dn from Tumpat to Pasir Mas, and onwards to Gua Musang and Kuala Lipis.

Boarding 61 Class DMU01 with the extender over the steps since Tumpat Railway Station has a high platform.

The route information on board Shuttle Timuran 57dn is integrated with Shuttle Timuran 59dn to show that the train operates as a through service from Tumpat to Kuala Lipis, even though 2 separate tickets are required, changing at Gua Musang.

The interior of 61 Class DMU01 which is a Version 1 without PV, as seen by the full transverse seat layout.

The Shuttle Timuran 57dn departed from Tumpat on time at 4.05pm.

There is a big wheelchair-accessible toilet on board Coach C.

Passing through local fields.

The legroom available on the 61 Class DMU.

A tray table is also available.

Kampung Kok Pasir Railway Halt

Making a brief stop at Kampung Kok Pasir Railway Halt.

Passing through the level crossing north of Wakaf Bharu Railway Station.

Wakaf Bharu Railway Station

Approaching Wakaf Bharu Railway Station.

More passengers started to board at Wakaf Bharu Railway Station, which is the closest railway station to Kota Bharu.

Ticket checking was carried out shortly after departure from Wakaf Bharu Railway Station.

Bunut Susu Railway Halt

Making a brief stop at the upgraded Bunut Susu Railway Halt.

The old Bunut Susu Railway Halt remains opposite the new halt.

Pasir Mas Railway Station

My Shuttle Timuran 57dn arrived at Pasir Mas Railway Station on time at 4.36pm.

The Shuttle Timuran 57dn only stops at Pasir Mas Railway Station for 1 minute before departing again at 4.37pm.

The name sticker of 61 Class DMU01 / 61101 Tumpat.

As quickly as I arrived, the Shuttle Timuran 57dn departed for to Gua Musang and onwards as Shuttle Timuran 59dn to Kuala Lipis.

The DMU launching advertisements are still present at major stations along the northern part of the East Coast Line served by the 61 Class DMU.

I had about 1 hour to spare in Pasir Mas to do a short walkabout around the vicinity of Pasir Mas Railway Station to do my small transport research.


Overall, the 61 Class DMU is a very comfortable way to travel along the East Coast Line especially when factoring in the very low subsidised fares to cater to the locals. This half an hour ride costed me only RM1 which is the cheapest yet most comfortable transport option in Kelantan based on distance, comfort, and speed.

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