Pasir Mas Taxi Stand & Taxi Fare Rates from Pasir Mas to Rantau Panjang, Kota Bharu, Tanah Merah, and more

Pasir Mas Taxi Stand & Taxi Fare Rates

With the lack of local bus services in Pasir Mas except for the recently-reinstated Mutiara Rentas Desa Bus Service 6, taxis, Kereta Sewa, and ride-hailing services are the primary means of local public transport in Kelantan now. I walked around Pasir Mas Railway Station to find the taxi stand, and somehow found 2.

Pasir Mas Taxi Stand
Perhentian Teksi Pasir Mas

The main active Pasir Mas Taxi Stand is located just adjacent to Pasir Mas Railway Station. Walk out of Pasir Mas Railway Station to the main road and turn left (ie. walk north).

The Pasir Mas Taxi Stand is located at the northern edge of the Pasir Mas Railway Station platform.

When I visited, there were 2 taxis or Kereta Sewa ready for passengers.

I enquired on the various fares, knowing that taxis and Kereta Sewa out of cities do not have a meter, and was pointed to this very clear and legit whiteboard where fixed fares are stated. Here are some important fares that I picked out from this comprehensive white board:

Pasir Mas Taxi Fares from Pasir Mas
Kadar Tambang Teksi dari Pasir Mas

  • Pasir Mas to Rantau Panjang: RM7 per person, RM30 per taxi
  • Pasir Mas to Tanah Merah: RM7 per person, RM28 per taxi
  • Pasir Mas to Kota Bharu: RM6 per person, RM25 per taxi
  • Pasir Mas to Kota Bharu Airport: RM15 per person, RM60 per taxi
  • Pasir Mas to Chekok: RM5 per person, RM20 per taxi
  • Pasir Mas to Lubok Jong: RM5 per person, RM20 per taxi

The taxi stand is named PPPKSPM, which I roughly guessed it as the abbreviation for Persatuan Pemandu Pemilik Kereta Sewa Pasir Mas, though I may be wrong.

Rantau Panjang is the popular bazaar and shopping area, also known incorrectly as Duty Free, and the border crossing to Sungai Golok in Thailand.


With no more comprehensive local bus services around Pasir Mas, taxis and Kereta Sewa are now the main mode of transport around Kelantan. Hopefully, these taxi fares from Pasir Mas will help you with budgeting and knowing the actual fares, and avoiding any ulat cars around offering taxi services.

Additional Related Information

I found another bigger taxi stand named Koperasi Pemandu Teksi dan Kereta Sewa Pasir Mas Berhad, but there were neither taxis nor people there.

This taxi stand even had space for offices, but they were all closed.

The taxi fare chart here is too low to be recent, and so I assumed that this is not in service without any taxis, humans, or up to date fares.

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