SkyPark Link 2809dn from KL Sentral to Terminal Skypark by Train

SkyPark Link 2809dn from KL Sentral to Terminal Skypark

I’ve now passed through all the KTM Intercity and ETS stations for Revenge Travel Semenanjung, and am now left with the short branch lines around Kuala Lumpur. Checking the KTM Komuter Klang Valley Sector infrequent timetables, I figured the best way to cover this was to do some duplication by starting off with SkyPark Link 2809dn to Terminal Skypark first.

Sentral Kuala Lumpur Railway Station (KL Sentral)

The SkyPark Link departs from Gate A at KL Sentral Level 2.

There was a minor screw up with my pictures here as I tapped my Touch ‘n Go on the SkyPark Link Touch ‘n Go gate, which did not work.

I then tapped my Touch ‘n Go on the integrated reader on the SkyPark Link KTM Komuter gate to enter the paid area, which I did not take a picture of.

Heading down the escalator to the ETS and SkyPark Link platforms.

My SkyPark Link 2809dn was departing from KL Sentral Platform 2.

The train itself, however, had not arrived yet.

83 Class EMU 23

83 Class EMU 23 would operate on my SkyPark Link 2809dn. This set arrived at KL Sentral from the north at 9.45am – just 3 minutes before departure time at 9.48am. Perhaps this set had been waiting at Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, or is a fresh train launch from Sentul depot.

Boarding the EMU 23 SkyPark Link train set.

EMU 23 has transverse seats, suitable for long haul or premium fare travel. The decals are not fully pasted, which is great as the window view is not obstructed.

A priority area is provided at the ends of the train.

A luggage rack is also provided in this area.

The SkyPark Link route map is pasted above every door.

Hand sanitizer is also available by the side of the train doors.

I was the only passenger on board SkyPark Link 2809dn, and I could pick any seat I wanted.

My SkyPark Link 2809dn departed from KL Sentral on time at 9.48pm, but stopped outside before Simpang Pelabuhan Klang for a few minutes.

A better shot of the interior of the SkyPark Link EMU 23 with natural sunlight shining in.

Seats from the SkyPark Link EMU 23 came from 81 Class train sets.

Another look at the priority area with sunlight shining.

Crossing with the delayed KTM Komuter Klang Valley Sector 2118up at Simpang Pelabuhan Klang. Yes, the track ahead is a single track line now.

Splitting off from the main KTM Central Line at Simpang Pelabuhan Klang on to the KTM Pelabuhan Klang Line up line.

The bypass wye from MidValley Railway Halt to Abdullah Hukum Railway Station is currently overgrown.

Passing through Abdullah Hukum Railway Station.

Making another stop for a few minutes at Angkasapuri Railway Station, probably for signal clearance.

Passing through Petaling Railway Station on the main up line.

Passing by Sunway-Setia Jaya BRT Station.

Passing through Setia Jaya Railway Station back on the main down line.

Passing by Subang Ria Recreational Park.

Subang Jaya Railway Station

Arriving at Subang Jaya Railway Station.

My SkyPark Link 2809dn arrived at Subang Jaya Railway Station at 10.15am – 10 minutes late.

No passengers boarded here, granting me a full private SkyPark Link train ride from KL Sentral to Terminal Skypark.

Passing by an empty SkyPark Link 83 Class train set resting at Subang Jaya Railway Station main down line.

Passing by Empire Shopping Gallery.

Splitting off from the KTM Pelabuhan Klang Line on to the KTM SkyPark Line.

Taking the viaduct over the Damansara River.

Making another stop for a few minutes before Terminal Skypark Railway Station.

I’m not sure why the signal hasn’t been set when there are no trains ahead at Terminal Skypark Railway Station which is the end of the line. I am the only train within the KTM SkyPark Line entire at this point of time.

Finally approaching Terminal Skypark Railway Station.

Terminal Skypark Railway Station

My SkyPark Link 2809dn arrived at Terminal Skypark Railway Station at 10.29am – 4 minutes delayed. The journey from KL Sentral to Terminal Skypark took 41 minutes.

Seems like KTM had added extra time on the sector between Subang Jaya and Terminal Skypark with a running time of 19 minutes, rather than the actual time of 12 minutes. No speed restrictions were observed, so this extended running time looks more for padding delays instead.

After dropping me off, my SkyPark Link 2809dn departed from Terminal Skypark.

Now this is dumb.

Why couldn’t KTM operate this service as a revenue shortworking trip to Subang Jaya instead before going off service? It would be doubly hilarious if this off service train set was actually heading back to KL Sentral to operate the next SkyPark Link train instead.

Heading down the staircase to the concourse level as the escalator was switched off.

Touhing out of the fare gates with my Touch ‘n Go card. The SkyPark Link cashless fare from KL Sentral to Terminal Skypark costs RM10.

For good reason, there are no passengers waiting at Terminal Skypark as after the first SkyPark Link train at 7.08am, the next departing SkyPark Link train was at 12.23pm.

The façade of Terminal Skypark Railway Station.

The end of the KTM SkyPark Line after Terminal Skypark Railway Station.

I took the sheltered walkway to Skypark Terminal Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport Subang around the car park.

The lift at the Skypark Terminal Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport Subang was out of service, as such, I took the stairs. Really a bad idea if I was actually flying with luggage.

Crossing the Skypark Terminal Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport Subang link bridge over Jalan Lapangan Terbang Subang.

As MySejahtera needs to be scanned and temperature needs to be taken, a cordoned path leads to the ground floor where the MySejahtera checkpoint is.

Subang Skypark (Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport / Subang Airport)

Nice to see Skypark Terminal Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport Subang again after 2 years.

I went up to the viewing gallery to see an ATR 72, completing this short Skypark Terminal Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport Subang visit.

From here, I headed back to KL by Rapid KL Bus Service 772.


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