The Brooke Gallery at Fort Margherita • Sarawak’s History Museum of The White Rajahs

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The Brooke Gallery at Fort Margherita is a history museum relating to the Kingdom of Sarawak and its White Rajahs, revolving around James Brooke, the first Rajah of Sarawak. It’s located in Fort Margherita, built in 1879, and named after Ranee Margaret, the wife of Charles Brooke, the second Rajah of Sarawak, who was James Brooke’s nephew. It was interesting to drop by to understand why I could still find a very British influence in today’s Malaysian state.

From The White Barouk, I took the Penambang to cross the Sarawak River to The Brooke Gallery at Fort Margherita.

Brooke Gallery 002

The main entrance to The Brooke Gallery.

Brooke Gallery 003

Heading into the quaint Fort Margherita.

Brooke Gallery 004

The fort is pretty small by today’s standards.

Brooke Gallery 005

Following the sign to the entrance. This is the rear side of The Brooke Gallery at Fort Margherita.

Brooke Gallery 006

The sign for the admission fees for visitors to The Brooke Gallery. Local Malaysians pay RM10 per adult for entry into The Brooke Gallery, while foreigners pay RM20. Children pay half the price from the adult price, rounded up to the nearest whole Ringgit. The Brooke Gallery is open from 9.00am to 4.45pm daily.

If you are visiting The Ranee Museum as well, you can also buy the Explorer Pass for RM15 for Malaysians and RM30 for foreigners.

tl;dr summary:

The Brooke Gallery Opening Hours
9.00am – 4.45pm daily

​Admission Fees to The Brooke Gallery
Local Adult: RM 10
Local Concession / Children (7-12): RM 5
Local Children (under 7): Free
Tourist Adult: RM 20
Tourist Concession / Children (7-12): RM 10
Tourist Children (under 7): Free

Explorer Pass (Entry to both The Brooke Gallery and The Ranee Museum)
Local Adult: RM 15
Local Concession / Children (7-12): RM 8
Local Children (under 7): Free
Tourist Adult: RM 30
Tourist Concession / Children (7-12): RM 15
Tourist Children (under 7): Free

Brooke Gallery 007Brooke Gallery 008

Heading into The Brooke Gallery at Fort Margherita.

Brooke Gallery 009

My entrance ticket to the The Brooke Gallery at Fort Margherita, purchased from the counter just behind the door.

Brooke Gallery 010

The portrait of James Brooke at the front of the entrance to the gallery.

Brooke Gallery 011Brooke Gallery 012

The ground floor features the arrival of James Brooke and how Sarawak used to look like when he had just arrived during the uprising against the Sultan of Brunei.

Brooke Gallery 013Brooke Gallery 014

The gallery continues on each floor of Fort Margherita, linked with an original wooden spiral staircase.

Brooke Gallery 015

An introduction to the Brooke Kingdom is on the first floor.

Brooke Gallery 016Brooke Gallery 017

Weapons used during the Sarawak uprising.

Brooke Gallery 018

The significant people involved in the Brooke Kingdom period.

Brooke Gallery 019

The historical flag of Sarawak in 1870.

Brooke Gallery 020

The timeline of the building of modern Sarawak.

Brooke Gallery 021

Hmm, 1915 sounds interesting, though there’s quite limited information on this.

Brooke Gallery 022

Some belongings of Charles Brooke on display.

Brooke Gallery 023

The timeline of the expansion of Sarawak, which in a way explains why Brunei is today split into two setions.

Brooke Gallery 024

The old layout of downtown Kuching.

Brooke Gallery 025

The first and only Sarawak Government Railway line leading to Brooke Dockyard. Some of the tracks still remain as featured here on my H2 Sarawak Hydrogen Bus Downtown Heritage Loop article.

Brooke Gallery 027

How Brooke Dockyard looked like around 1900, which looks similar to how it looks like today.

Brooke Gallery 028

Heading up to the second floor.

Brooke Gallery 029

Displays of Sarawakian lifestyles.

Brooke Gallery 030

The coat of arms of the Raj of Sarawak used by James Brooke.

Brooke Gallery 031

The lineage of The Brooke Dynasty.

Brooke Gallery 032Brooke Gallery 033

A preserved badger from the Astana. The badger is also featured on the coat of arms.

Brooke Gallery 034

The dressing style of the White Rajahs.

Brooke Gallery 035

Portraying the daily life during Brooke Sarawak.

Brooke Gallery 036

Following Brooke Sarawak, life transitioned to the Japanese Occupation. Unfortunately, information on this section were rather limited.

Brooke Gallery 037

Depicting the complicated relationship Sarawak and Britain had despite having a White Rajah.

Brooke Gallery 038

A Japanese anti-British propaganda poster depicting Britain as the enemy of Islam in the hopes of the locals viewing them as a liberating force.

Brooke Gallery 039

A Japanese propaganda map of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.

Brooke Gallery 042

The cession of Sarawak to become a British crown colony.

Brooke Gallery 040

Some clippings of The Brooke Legacy.

Brooke Gallery 043

Pictures of the Brooke Memorial, with the actual one located outside Kuching Old Courthouse and The Ranee Museum.

Brooke Gallery 044

Heading up to the rooftop.

Brooke Gallery 045

The rooftop of Fort Margherita.

Brooke Gallery 046

There are three flagpoles which are not in use during my visit.

Brooke Gallery 047

Looking down at the future walkway down to the Darul Hana Musical Fountain.

Brooke Gallery 049

Looking across the Sarawak River to Riverside Majestic.

Brooke Gallery 050

Looking down to Kampung Boyan.

Brooke Gallery 051

Heading back to the stairwell to head back down to the ground floor.

Brooke Gallery 052Brooke Gallery 053

There is a souvenir shop on the ground floor.

Brooke Gallery 054

Heading out to the cannon firing area.

Brooke Gallery 064Brooke Gallery 055Brooke Gallery 056

There are still cannons pointing out of the holes of the fort.

Brooke Gallery 058

Climbing up to one of the firing towers.

Brooke Gallery 059

Brooke Gallery 060

Seems like a mount for a machine gun.

Brooke Gallery 061Brooke Gallery 062

The view out of the gun tower.

Brooke Gallery 063

Overlooking the new graves of Sarawak’s former ruling Brooke family, originally from the Astana.

Brooke Gallery 057

Heading back in to the fort building to exit Fort Margherita.

Brooke Gallery 065

The future walkway down to the Darul Hana Musical Fountain.

Brooke Gallery 066

Heading into the new grave site of Sarawak’s former ruling Brooke family, originally from the Astana.

Brooke Gallery 067

The grave of Anthony Walter Dayrell Brooke, the Rajah Muda of Sarawak, and the third and last of the ruling White Rajahs.

Brooke Gallery 068Brooke Gallery 069

The grave of John Brooke Johnson Brooke’s first wife Anne Grant, and second wife Juliana Caroline Welstead.

Brooke Gallery 070Brooke Gallery 071

The facade of Fort Margherita.

Brooke Gallery 072

Heading out of The Brooke Gallery at Fort Margherita to catch the Penambang back to Kuching Waterfront.

Overall, an informative visit to The Brooke Gallery at Fort Margherita to know more about the unique prolonged accidental British history in this part of the world, which probably explains why Sarawak is still a rather unique state as compared with the rest of Malaysia.

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