Causeway Link Bus CW2 from Singapore Woodlands Checkpoint to Singapore Queen Street by Express Bus

Causeway Link CW2 Bus from Woodlands Checkpoint to Queen Street

Following my marathon train ride from Kuala Lipis to Woodlands CIQ with Shuttle Timuran 35dn, Ekspres Selatan 45dn, and Shuttle Tebrau 91dn, I decided to speed up my journey back home in Singapore by using Causeway Link Bus CW2 on the domestic Singapore sector. This is only possible on the one-way down trip from Woodlands Checkpoint to Queen Street, and cannot be used the other way round.

Woodlands Train Checkpoint (Woodlands CIQ)

Coming up from the escalator after clearing Singapore immigration and customs at Woodlands Train Checkpoint (Woodlands CIQ) after arriving from my Shuttle Tebrau 91dn, I turned left from the glass door exit and walked on straight on the path towards Malaysia, instead of taking the overhead bridge out of Woodlands Train Checkpoint (Woodlands CIQ). I then descended to the arrival hall bus bays before the last overhead bridge leg to Malaysia.

Unfortunately I am unable to take any pictures in Woodlands Train Checkpoint and Woodlands Checkpoint to show you.

Woodlands Checkpoint

It was a few minutes wait for the Causeway Link Bus CW2 at the arrival hall bus berths. Frequency was good as it was a Friday night and frequent buses are activated to bring the large Malaysian crowds in Singapore back to JB for the weekend.

I used Visa payWave to pay for this journey. The bus fare from Woodlands Checkpoint to Queen Street costs S$4.80.

I thought I was travelling in the wrong demand direction so I would get a rather empty bus, but surprisingly, there are still crowds entering from JB to Singapore on a Friday night.

Heading out of Woodlands Checkpoint.

The Causeway Link Bus CW2 takes Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) and Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) on the non-stop express journey from Woodlands Checkpoint to Queen Street.

Passing by Tekka Centre while approaching Queen Street.

Queen Street Bus Terminal

My Causeway Link CW2 bus journey from Woodlands Checkpoint to Queen Street Bus Terminal took 29 minutes.

The long queue of passengers at Queen Street Bus Terminal waiting to go back to Malaysia on a Friday night.

From Queen Street Bus Terminal, I walked to Jalan Besar MRT Station for my Downtown Line ride home.


The domestic Causeway Link CW2 bus journey is a lesser-known express bus in Singapore from Woodlands Checkpoint to Queen Street. While the walk from outside Woodlands Checkpoint to the arrival hall bus bay is long, the fast journey time may be worth it if you are lucky to get a bus quickly, as the north-south journey in Singapore only takes about half an hour by this express bus.

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