City Bus 2 from JB Larkin Sentral to Ayer Hitam by Bus

City Bus 2 from JB Larkin Sentral to Ayer Hitam

City Bus 2 is a long-haul local bus service from JB Larkin Sentral to Ayer Hitam, travelling along the main Malaysia Federal Route 1 for most parts of the journey via Skudai, Senai, Kulai, Simpang Renggam, and Machap. While many bus services run parallel to Skudai, Senai, and Kulai, City Bus 2 is the only bus service that extends much further north of Kulai.

Johor Bahru Larkin Sentral

I arrived at Johor Bahru Larkin Sentral just in time to see the 11.45am City Bus 2 departing in front of my eyes from my arriving bus, which was somewhat a good thing as I can now time the frequency between buses at noon.

After my unintentional lunch break at Larkin Sentral, I returned to the local bus bay to wait for the next City Bus 2 departure. City Bus 2 departs from Platform A04 as indicated by the City Bus logo.

About 8 minutes before departure, the bus driver opened the bus door for boarding and to sell tickets.

My ticket for City Bus 2 from JB Larkin Sentral to Ayer Hitam which costs RM9.60. Very interestingly, this City Bus bus used a Causeway Link spool of tickets. The system seems to be the same too, with the 4D inspection code synchronised for the day.

The interior of the City Bus 2 bus, with a mix of longitudinal and transverse seats.

I wasn’t sure if transverse seats were comfortable for a long-haul stage bus ride, but I would quickly learn why.

The legroom at the last row of seats on board City Bus 2. This is 1 of 4 forward-facing rows available on board the bus only.

The legroom is even tighter on the second-last row.

However, with seats positioned sideways, good legroom is provided. For long-haul travel, perhaps some passengers would prioritise leg space over a forward-facing seat or a view out of the windows.

My City Bus 2 departed from JB Larkin Sentral at 12.30pm. This makes the noon-time frequency 45 minutes.

Heading out of JB Larkin Sentral.

Heading through the Jalan Datin Halima Cloverleaf Interchange down from Larkin Sentral.

Taman Tasek

Heading through Taman Tasek on Jalan Tun Abdul Razak.

Heading on Danga Bay Interchange looking down on by Tune Hotel Danga Bay Johor Bahru.

KIP Mart Tampoi

Making a brief stop at KIP Mart Tampoi.

Passing by KIP Mart Tampoi.

Passing by SJK (C) Kuo Kuang for Taman Ungku Tun Aminah.

Shell Taman Sri Skudai

Making a brief stop at Shell Taman Sri Skudai.

Passing under the North-South Expressway (PLUS Highway).

Heading on to Kulai and Ayer Hitam.

Taman Scientax Utama

Making a brief stop at Taman Scientax Utama.


Making a brief stop at Senai.

Passing through the Senai Airport Highway Interchange.

Taman Saleng Jaya

Passing through Taman Saleng Jaya.

Making a brief stop at SMK Kulai Besar. Alight here for AEON MALL Kulaijaya and Kulai Temporary Railway Station.


If heading around the commercial areas, alight here at Pekan Kulai.

Heading through Kulai.

Turning in to Kulai Bus Terminal.

Kulai Bus Terminal

My City Bus 2 regulated at Kulai Bus Terminal for a few minutes.

My City Bus 2 departed from Kulai Bus Terminal at 1.23pm.

Turning out to Federal Route 1 again.

Passing by the future Kulai Railway Station.

Passing by Mydin Kulai.

Passing by Lotus’s Kulai.

Lotus’s Kulai

Making a brief stop at Lotus’s Kulai.

Federal Route 1 gives way to forest views north of Kulai.

Making a brief stop at Sime Darby Plantation Kulai Estate.

Kelapa Sawit

Entering Kelapa Sawit.

Passing by the main bus stop of Kelapa Sawit.

Passing by Felda Bukit Batu bus stop at the junction to Sedenak Toll Plaza and Ayer Baloi.

Green Transit Liner (GTL) from Kulai to Ayer Hitam turns here at the junction to Felda Bukit Batu for its kampung route, while City Bus 2 goes straight on the main road.

40 kilometers to go.

Passing by the bus stop pposite Kampung Seri Sempurna at the junction to Layang-Layang.

Passing by the junction to Layang-Layang. Layang-Layang is about 15 kilometers away from this junction.

Simpang Renggam

Entering Simpang Renggam.

Passing through Simpang Renggam.

The junction to Renggam at Simpang Renggam. Renggam is about 13 kilometers away from this junction.

Passing by the bus stop at Taman Berjaya.

Crossing over Sungai Benut.


Passing through Machap.

Passing under the North-South Expressway (PLUS Highway) at Machap.

Passing by Kampung Setia Jaya.

Ayer Hitam is just ahead.

Passing by Taman Cerah.

Simpang Renggam

Turning to Ayer Hitam Bus Terminal via Jalan Bandar Baru.

Heading through Ayer Hitam via Jalan Bandar Baru.

Passing by Arena Warna Ayer Hitam beside Ayer Hitam Bus Terminal.

Ayer Hitam Bus Terminal

Turning into Ayer Hitam Bus Terminal.

The main terminal building at Ayer Hitam Bus Terminal.

My City Bus 2 arrived at Ayer Hitam Bus Terminal at 2.44pm, making this a journey time of 2 hours and 14 minutes.

City Bus 2 uses the nearest platform to the terminal building of Ayer Hitam Bus Terminal.

Ayer Hitam Bus Terminal is a basic terminal with end-on berths on 1 long shelter.


City Bus 2 is a reasonably-frequent rural bus service with a 45-minute frequency during a weekday noon. While the forward-facing seats are a bit cramped, the bus was not crowded which helped with comfort. Although definitely slower than express buses, City Bus 2 serves Ayer Hitam town directly at Ayer Hitam Bus Terminal, as compared with many short-haul express buses which stop near the toll only.


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