Shuttle Timuran 56up from Pasir Mas to Tumpat by Train (61 Class DMU12 / 61112)

Shuttle Timuran 56up from Pasir Mas to Tumpat by 61 Class DMU

Returning back to Tumpat Railway Station after my short research session at Pasir Mas, I caught Shuttle Timuran 56up to get in to Tumpat while daylight was still shining.

Pasir Mas Railway Station

Heading in to Pasir Mas Railway Station.

The ticketing area was surprisingly quiet, perhaps there are not much passengers due to the holidays.

As I still had about 20 minutes to my train, I decided to get a drink from the canteen while waiting.

My Shuttle Timuran 56up arrived at Pasir Mas Railway Station before time at 5.44pm.

The Station Master and Fireman exchanging the tokens simultaneously at the stopping point.

An empty Shuttle Timuran 56up with minimal passenger movements here at Pasir Mas.

There were still 4 minutes to wait after I took my seat before my Shuttle Timuran 56up departed from Pasir Mas on time at 5.50pm.

Passing through the level crossing north of Pasir Mas Railway Station.

As Shuttle Timuran 56up operates between Dabong and Tumpat, staff sometimes call this particular train Shuttle Dabong instead.

Bunut Susu Railway Halt

Making a brief stop at Bunut Susu Railway Halt.

Wakaf Bharu Railway Station

Passing by the old Wakaf Bharu Railway Station opposite the current Wakaf Bharu Railway Station.

Most passengers alighted at Wakaf Bharu Railway Station.

The interior of 61 Class DMU12 which is a Version 2 with PV, as seen by the mixed transverse and longitudinal seat layout.

Kampung Kok Pasir Railway Halt

Making a brief stop at Kampung Kok Pasir Railway Halt.

Arriving at Tumpat Railway Station, the last station of the line.

Passing by the future Tumpat turntable.

The old Tumpat turntable was previously located just after the level crossing accessed from the depot, but the new lines leading to the future DMU sheds require the space which the old Tumpat turntable was on.

Tumpat Railway Station

The empty rake of Ekspres Khas Keluarga Malaysia 1028up had already been shunted to the yard.

My Shuttle Timuran 56up arrived at Tumpat Railway Station at 6.13pm – 9 minutes before time.

Heading out of Tumpat Railway Station.

I had wanted to snap a photo of DMU12 from the level crossing but the horn sounded very quickly and the level crossing was closed to start shunting.

DMU12 departing from to head back to the yard.

The new lines to the new DMU sheds are built over the former turntable.

DMU12 heading into the yard.

After this shunting process, I took a short walkaround before heading for dinner.

The level crossing will be further expanded once the new lines to the new DMU sheds are ready, along with a proper hut for the gate man.

There is a sign describing the contract of the ongoing works in Tumpat depot.


Overall, the 61 Class DMU is a very comfortable way to travel along the East Coast Line especially when factoring in the very low subsidised fares to cater to the locals. This half an hour ride costed me only RM1 which is the cheapest yet most comfortable transport option in Kelantan based on distance, comfort, and speed.

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