Vaccinated Travel Bus Services (VTBS) (Defunct) • Singapore-Malaysia Cross-Border Public Buses for Vaccinated Travellers

Vaccinated Travel Bus Services (VTBS) 

Vaccinated Travel Bus Services (VTBS) are a cluster of cross-border international public buses operating between Singapore and Malaysia for vaccinated travellers. The Singapore-Malaysia land border will reopen on 1 April 2022 without quarantine and testing for vaccinated travellers. The reinstating of cross-border public buses will facilitate travel for vaccinated travellers travelling between Singapore and Malaysia.

List of Vaccinated Travel Bus Services (VTBS)

  • Transtar Travel VTBS
  • Causeway Link VTBS NOTE: No announcement has been made by Causeway Link for anything happening after 1 April 2022, including any ticket issues. This may mean VTL tickets already sold are still valid after 1 April 2022, which then means that Causeway Link will be operating a VTBS.

This may not be an exhaustive list. This list will be updated when more Vaccinated Travel Bus Services (VTBS) are announced.

Vaccinated Travel Train Services?

The KTM Shuttle Tebrau train cannot operate until at least May 2022 due to track closure between JB Sentral and Kempas Baru. Click here for more information.


  1. Perhaps I haven’t kept up on Malaysian entry requirements but will Malaysia still require pre-departure PCR testing for anyone ( incl Singaporean citizens ) entering Malaysia ??

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