Genting Dream Cruise Phuket Shore Excursion • Phuket Taste & Culture Tour

Genting Dream Phuket Shore Excursion

The third and final port of call on the 6 Day 5 Night cruise on Resorts World Cruises’ Genting Dream is Phuket, Thailand. The arrival on 23 November 2022 was Genting Dream’s first time calling at Phuket under Resorts World Cruises. Shore excursions are available by Resorts World Cruises to explore the different ports of calls on destination cruises. For this trip, I had the privilege to try out the Phuket Taste & Culture Tour shore excursion arranged by Resorts World Cruises.

Genting Dream Phuket Shore Excursions

Patong Bay Cruise Docking

Genting Dream docks at Patong Bay Cruise Docking in Phuket, without going alongside to shore. Passengers will be transferred by tender boats to the shores of Phuket.

Genting Dream Zodiac Theatre Meeting Point

For passengers who have booked shore excursions, the meeting point for Phuket shore excursions was at Zodiac Theatre. However, check on your day of departure on the meeting point as this may be changed depending on the crowd.

A sticker is provided to identify passengers based on buses. Stick it on your shirt visible to staff along the way out and throughout the shore excursion.

Genting Dream Tender to Patong Beach

Once ready, groups are called and led to the Tendering Lobby on Deck 4.

The tendering lobby is a platform flipping out of the Genting Dream to form a small jetty. The tender boats provided on the Phuket side also alongside nicely with Genting Dream and there is a minimal gap between the tender boat and the platform. These extra boats supplement the capacity and frequency on top of Genting Dream’s tender boats which doubles up as lifeboats.

The interior of the large tender boat from Phuket.

The lower deck was already almost full when I boarded, so I headed up to the open upper deck.

Genting Dreams’ own tender boats are also on standby to ferry passengers to Phuket.

Sailing away from Genting Dream to Phuket.

A long jetty made up of floating pontoons form the arrival jetty to Patong Beach.

Patong Beach

As this was Genting Dream’s first visit to Phuket under Resorts World Cruises, officials welcome us passengers to Phuket on the shore.

Souvenir bags were handed out to arriving passengers. As the small pavement on the shore was the only place to walk, this got crowded very quickly with most passengers able to walk in twos at best, and the walk up to the shore got crowded fast and the walking speed slow.

Passengers on shore excursions are also met along this path by tour guides holding and calling out for group numbers, which reminded me of Tekong where Singaporean sons wait for parents to pick them up for cookhouse lunch after shouting the SAF Pledge with their lives.

Once the group has been formed, the tour guide led the group to the van which is parked about 5 minutes away by foot.

Looking back at the Genting Dream with more tenders sending passengers to shore.

In Phuket, minivans were used instead of big buses due to the road conditions.

Hai Leng Ong Statue (Golden Dragon Monument)

The first stop was Hai Leng Ong Statue (Golden Dragon Monument) which acted as the pick-up and drop-off point for the group at Phuket Old Town. Toilets are available around the corner here.

Phuket Old Town

The shore excursion began with a short walk through Phuket Old Town.

Woo Gallery (House #78)

Woo Gallery was restored in 2016 to showcase the way of life of Chinese migrants (Peranakans) who came to settle in Phuket. The shophouse started in 1915 as Moh Seng & Co. which sold foreign watches. While the watch business was closed after World War II, the 3rd generation of the family restored this house back to its former glory in 2016.

The interior of Woo Gallery reflects the typical Peranakan house which is also similar with Melaka and Penang.

The original shop sign of Moh Seng & Co. is still kept, though now inside the house.

A typical bedroom in the Peranakan house.

Baan 92 (House #92)

Following the visit to Woo Gallery, the next stop was a few shop lots down the same row to Baan 92 (House #92).

The visit to Baan 92 was for the Hokkien Mee cooking demonstration. This was also lunch for the shore excursion group.

In the garden behind, there were also demonstrations for Ang Ku Kueh and Ah Pong (Apom).

Lunch started with a set of Kuehs prepared in a banana leaf box while waiting for the Hokkien Mee to be portioned out.

The finished Hokkien Mee was garnished with onions and fried shallots. This tastes quite familiar but was not similar to Singapore or KL versions of Hokkien Mee. This tasted like a tze char Fried Noodle Chinese-style, with the same yellow mee used. Thai side condiments like sugar, peanuts, chilli flakes, and chilli in vinegar were also provided, but I didn’t use them.

For dessert, both Ang Ku Kueh and Ah Pong were served, freshly made in the garden.

Following lunch, there was about 1.5 hours of free time for sightseeing around Phuket Old Town free and easy. Perhaps the most popular Instagram spot here with lots of university graduates taking their graduation photos here is the Sino-Portuguese style building Peranakan Culture Centre which was formerly the Standard Chartered Bank building.

Pornthip Phuket

Following the free and easy time in Phuket Old Town, the group adjourned to Pornthip Phuket for local products shopping.

Pornthip Phuket is a one-stop shopping spot, though a bit touristy, for dry souvenir foods. such as Tau Sar Piah, dried seafood, dried fruits, nuts, and, pork floss. A Halal section certified by The Central Islamic Council of Thailand is also available.

Madunan T-Shirt Shop

The last stop was Madunan T-Shirt Shop which was near Pornthip Phuket, which sells a wide range of Phuket T-shirts from typical tourist souvenir designs to punny slogans and other creative messages.

A variety of currencies are accepted at Madunan T-Shirt Shop including Singapore Dollars, Indian Rupees, Philippines Pesos, Indonesian Rupiah, Malaysian Ringgit, and Vietnamese Dong at reasonable exchange rates, which is useful for cruise passengers who may not carry much Thai Baht on the long cruise for a short few hours of visit.

Back to Patong Beach and Genting Dream

Following the shopping, the shore excursion ended with the van dropping us back at Patong Beach to re-board the Genting Dream. There is no rush yet to return to the ship by the tender boats, passengers can roam around until the last tender boat at 6.30pm ship time (5.30pm Thai time).

Cold water is provided on the floating pontoon jetty before boarding the tender boat back to Genting Dream.

Cold towels are also provided following the hot day out.

Heading back to Genting Dream, I waited for the lifeboat tender for the experience of sailing on one. One of the rare times one can board a lifeboat without immediate risk of emergency.

The interior of Genting Dream’s lifeboat tender. Seats are tight in facing rows as it doubles up for crush loads during emergencies.

However, there is an open upper deck which offers sea breeze and can be used comfortably if it isn’t raining.

Heading back to Genting Dream.

Security checks are conducted on board at the Tendering Lobby for prohibited items before passengers can freely roam the cruise ship again.


The Genting Dream Phuket Taste & Culture Tour offered a good introduction of Phuket at Phuket Old Town, on the other side of the island, which would be a different experience as compared to free and easy passengers who would mostly roam around Patong Beach area only. The tendering process at Phuket was slow, but the extended port time of almost a full day in Phuket, as compared to Port Klang and Penang, allowed for sufficient time on Thailand’s island shores.

Do note that tendering is prone to the weather, so hope for a sunny day if you would like to go on shore in Phuket from a cruise by tender.

This cruise was kindly sponsored by Resorts World Cruises.

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Genting Dream Cruise Shore Excursions

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