Genting Dream Cruise Captain’s Bridge Tour

Genting Dream Cruise Captain’s Bridge Tour

The bridge is where Genting Dream is commanded from. Captain’s Bridge Tours are now conducted for passengers at a nominal price for S$20 + 18% service charge subject to availability, and can be combined with the Helipad Experience for S$30 + 18% service charge. Here’s a look at how the new public Captain’s Bridge Tour is conducted on Genting Dream.

Meeting Point at Crystal Life Spa

The meeting point for the Captain’s Bridge Tour is at Crystal Life Spa on Deck 15, the same level as the bridge just ahead.

The ship crew leads the group through the back of house to the bridge.

Genting Dream Bridge

A commentary is provided by the ship crew on the bridge functions and equipment. Unfortunately, there is no more interaction with the Captain or his Officers with this new public format of the bridge tour.

Queue lines also separate on where the public can walk within the bridge and which parts are out of bounds, which is all the middle and starboard sides.

The port side bridge wing is where the group is usually congregated as the staff conducts his briefing there.

The bridge wing console is a smaller replica of the main panel in the middle.

A glass floor overlooks the edge of the ship for easier docking.

CCTVs track the wake around the aft of the ship.

Looking out front to the bow and helipad.

Interestingly, Genting Dream’s call sign is C6BO5, even though she was laid down before her sister World Dream, whose call sign is C6BO4.

Behind the bridge, there is an emergency command centre with a live view of safety equipment such as watertight doors and fire alarms. This is only manned when there is an emergency.

Outside of the bridge tours, any one can take a peek in to the bridge from the Bridge Viewing Room behind. However, this window will be closed at night as there will be reflections and light leaking into the bridge.

If you have chosen the S$30 option, the tour continues with a visit to the Helipad.


The Captain’s Bridge Tour and Helipad Experience offers an insightful look into the operations on Genting Dream and provides a great view out to sea from the front of the ship. You may wish to consider booking the Captain’s Bridge Tour and Helipad Experience for better value, instead of just booking the Captain’s Bridge Tour on its own.

This cruise was kindly sponsored by Resorts World Cruises.

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