Genting Dream Cruise Silk Road Palace Set Menu Review

Genting Dream Silk Road

Silk Road is one of Genting Dream’s specialty restaurants offering a Chinese fine-dining menu. On this cruise, I had the privilege to try out the Palace set menu at Silk Road courtesy of Resorts World Cruises.

Silk Road is located on Deck 6 Forward on board Genting Dream. For Palace guests, this is also the place to enter with premium reserved seats for Zodiac Theatre shows.

Silk Road has a stage and screen allowing for performances to be held here.

Looks familiar?

Like a typical Chinese restaurant, most tables in Silk Road cater for group sittings.

The fine table setting provided at Silk Road before the meal.

Genting Dream Silk Road Palace Set Menu

Menu cards are provided on the plate for tonight’s 6-course Chinese set dinner menu.

A hot oshibori towel was presented before dinner began to clean your hands with.

Silk Road Deluxe Combination

Dinner started with the Silk Road Deluxe Combination of mixed nuts and century eggs as a sharing dish on the lazy susan. This was an enhanced appetiser course as compared with the normal peanuts and sometimes achar on regular Chinese restaurants in Singapore.


Next was a pleasantly-plated appetiser course of Crab Meat and Sour Cream wrapped in Egg Wrap, Portuguese Style Baked Hokkaido Scallop, and Marinated Plum Flavoured Cherry Tomato, all with small bites on a sea of blue.

The courses should be best eaten from nearest to farthest, from savoury to sweet. The plating and taste of the trio of appetisers was a cross between Chinese and Western cuisines, both visually appealing and delicious.

Double Boiled Chicken Soup

Next was a Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Abalone and Bamboo Pith which was smooth.

Braised Giant Garoupa Roll

Next up was the first main of Braised Giant Garoupa Roll with Prawn Paste in Golden Imperial Broth. The Garoupa was very tender and flavourful, which wa complemented by the broth which coated each slice of the fish well and easily. Best eaten with a fork and knife like a steak.

Slow Cooked Baby Ribs and Shanghainese Spring Onion Fried Rice

The second main was Slow Cooked Baby Ribs in Red Wine Sauce and Shanghainese Spring Onion Fried Rice with Dried Scallop. I got quite full by this point but I was still able to finish up my Slow Cooked Baby Ribs, and had a little taste of the Shanghainese Spring Onion Fried Rice. For those who like spring onions, this fried rice would be the highlight of dinner with the taste infused throughout the rice combined with the crunch of spring onions on top.

Sweetened Black Glutinous Rice with Red Bean

To cap off dinner, dessert was a cold Sweetened Black Glutinous Rice with Red Bean served with Ice Cream and Crispy Tapioca Cake. This was creamy and delicious with the Crispy Tapioca Cake providing some unique crunch to the otherwise traditional dessert.


Silk Road on Genting Dream offers a fine-dining Chinese a la carte or set dinner menu with premium dishes and presentation. As a specialty restaurant, additional charges apply if you are on Balcony and below, but if you are on The Palace, you get to eat here for free as specialty restaurants are inclusive in your Palace stay.

This cruise was kindly sponsored by Resorts World Cruises.

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