Genting Dream Cruise All-Inclusive Restaurants (Free of Charge) • The Lido & Dream Dining Rooms

Genting Dream All-Inclusive Restaurants (Free of Charge)

Up to 6 meals a day are included when cruising on board Resorts World Cruises’ Genting Dream. Here are the dining options you will have for almost 24 hours without any additional charge while cruising, whether on the move on high seas or even when docked at destinations.

The Lido • Halal, Vegetarian, Jain International Buffet

The Lido on Deck 16 is Genting Dream’s main buffet restaurant, and certified Halal by OIC (Organisation of Islamic Corporation) and SMIIC (Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries) standards.

A sign is displayed in the queue to enter The Lido to not bring any alcoholic beverages into the Halal area.

As compared with the World Dream with only 1 buffet line by the entrance, the whole port (left) side of The Lido is now a Halal line on the Genting Dream, but divided into local and international cuisines.

A wide variety of food for everyone is available in The Lido now that the whole port-side buffet line is Halal-certified, so all passengers have more food options without the worry of mixing cutlery.

Drinks are also available for self-service.

Inclusive cold drinks revolve around syrup juices.

Coffee and milk are available from large dispensers, which is especially useful now that the ship operates at full capacity with no more social gathering restrictions.

Cutlery is now available from self-service stations.

There is still a bar in The Lido, but this is to be consumed on the aft and starboard sides of The Lido.

The starboard (right) side of The Lido serves up Indian Vegetarian and Jain food, certified by Global Vegetarian Certification Services (GVCS).

With a crowd of more than 3000 on board, The Lido does get busy but it can still cope well for finding a table reasonably fast with the space available. Food are also available on multiple lines so the crowd is spread out around The Lido.

A small sample of the food offered at The Lido. I didn’t take much as this was a late afternoon “lunch” and dinner was going to happen for me soon.

If heading down for an early shore excursion, The Lido is also open for an early morning start to your day for a quick grab-and-go plated breakfast.

A wide variety of local and international breakfast options are available on the various buffet lines at The Lido.

A butter machine is also installed now to plop roundels of butter on to your plate.

My small selection of a quick breakfast from The Lido as I was heading off for a shore excursion to Phuket.

The Lido Outdoor Snacks Corner

During gaps in main meal times (morning tea, afternoon tea, and supper), The Lido Outdoor Snacks Corner on Deck 16 serves up light bites for those still hungry.

Snack food is available during afternoon tea, but some breakfast options are available for morning tea for those who woke up late and local favourites such as porridge are available during supper as well.

Dream Dining Room Lower • Western Semi-Buffet Restaurant

Dream Dining Room Lower is an inclusive Western restaurant which operates in a semi=buffet style.

Orders are taken at the table for main courses, but everything else is found on buffet lines.

Breads, salads, and soups are now self-service from the Dream Dining Room Lower buffet line.

I was surprised that my steak doneness was requested by the waiter at Dream Dining Room Lower as I had expected that the food at inclusive restaurants would be done in 1 style.

Dessert was also done buffet-style at the buffet line.

A mix of cakes and local hot desserts are available.

If dining during the safety demonstration, the waiters double up to point out the safety features and procedures on board the Genting Dream.

Breakfast is a full buffet at Dream Dining Room Lower with an international menu, similar to The Lido.

A variety of local and international cuisines are available at Dream Dining Room Lower. Do note that the buffet line at Dream Dining Room Lower is not Halal and includes pork.

A small selection of western breakfast for me this early morning.

Omelettes and sunny side up eggs can be ordered through the waiters.

For the last dinner of the cruise, I went back to Dream Dining Room Lower as well, since I prefer Western food.

I had a beef tenderloin which was very tender, nicely pink, and can be cut easily with a regular knife.

The vegetarian option of Spinach Lasagna was also good with generous fillings and sauce.

Dessert was also local hot dessert and cakes from the buffet line.

Dream Dining Room Upper • Chinese Set Menu Restaurant

Dream Dining Room Upper is Genting Dream’s inclusive Chinese restaurant served in set menus.

I had only tried Dream Dining Room Upper once on this cruise for a sit-down breakfast.

For a solo cruiser, meals were portioned out nicely for 1 person’s share, but I thought it was still a bit generous for an early start to the day.

Chinese dim sum and carbs were served for breakfast with noodles, congee, glutinous rice, dumplings, and the popular golden egg yolk bao which every other table seems to be ordering extra servings of.

BONUS: Blue Lagoon • Chinese Set Menu Restaurant (Peak)

Blue Lagoon is a specialty restaurant serving up a la carte local fare. However, during peak periods, Blue Lagoon doubles up as an inclusive restaurant serving up a Chinese Set Menu which will be the same as Dream Dining Room Upper. Check your RW Daily for details on when Blue Lagoon will operate as an inclusive restaurant.


With a variety of cuisines and meal times catered by Genting Dream, it’s hard to go hungry when on board the ship. I personally like the western mains served up by Dream Dining Room Lower, but many others prefer the Chinese food at Dream Dining Room Upper. Perhaps it’s for everyone to find out their favourites with the many meal times and menus offered throughout the cruise.

This cruise was kindly sponsored by Resorts World Cruises.

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