Genting Dream Cruise Facilities & Activities

Genting Dream Cruise Facilities & Activities

Resorts World Cruises’ Genting Dream has many facilities, activities, and entertainment options on board which are mostly free of charge, with the exception of stuff you want to add-on for an enhanced experience. While Genting Dream and World Dream are sister ships, some parts of Genting Dream are configured differently, and there are some attractions on board which are unique to Genting Dream. Here are some of the facilities and activities on board Resorts World Cruises’ Genting Dream from the top.

Genting Dream Cruise Deck Plans

Click on the picture to enlarge.

Deck = Level/Floor
FWD = Forward (Front)

MID = Midship (Middle)
AFT = Aft (Back)

Sportsplex, Deck 17 & 18 AFT

The Sportsplex located at Decks 17 nd 18 Aft features the Ropes Course, Rock Climbing Wall, Mini Golf, and Table Tennis.

No more batch queues are needed for the Ropes Course and Rock Climbing Wall any more, just turn up and go at your own pace.

For children, there is also a small ropes course close to the ground.

Equipment for table tennis and mini golf can be picked up from the counter.

Glow Bowl, Deck 17 AFT

The Glow Bowl also sits on where the ESC Experience Lab is on the World Dream, with a 4-lane bowling alley on a ship. Discounts may be available during the day when the ship is at port, though the vibe really comes at night when it’s dark outside and the lights around Glow Bowl and Zouk makes the area lit.

Pool tables are also available at Glow Bowl, beside Zouk.

Zouk & Zouk Beach Club, Deck 17 AFT

Zouk on Genting Dream sits on where the ESC Experience Lab is on the World Dream, with music, lights, and live DJ performances at night. The drinks menu here at Zouk is similar to bars around the Genting Dream, though some drinks promotions may be Zouk exclusive.

The Zouk Beach Club sits on the aft in the outdoor area.

During sailing afternoons, the Zouk Beach Club may also be host to the Foam Party.

Tickets for the Zouk Beach Club Foam Party cost S$20 + 18% service charge which includes a beer, soft drink, or iced lemon tea, and an ice cream bar.

If you would like to go to the Foam Party, it may be best to wait till about half an hour after it opens, to allow the foam to fill up in the foam pool.

Little Dreamers Club, Deck 16 MID

The Little Dreamers Club is a child care centre for parents to leave their children while they enjoy cruise time on their own for a few hours.

Main Pool, Deck 16 MID

The Main Pool is a great place for a dip in the hot afternoon sun, and the Jacuzzi is best done at night after dinner for a warm dip. No bookings are necessary and the Jacuzzi can be shared with other guests.

The waterslide park is also located around here with a climb up first to Deck 17, and then more steps up to the starting point of the slides.

There is also a children’s pool and waterslide area at the Main Pool Deck.

The deck around the Main Pool is now a beer garden with towers standing by for big beer orders.

Crystal Life Spa, Deck 15 FWD

The Crystal Life Spa offers western spa treatments, as well as the sauna and steam room for all passengers at a fee.

Le Salon & Gentlemen’s Barber, Deck 15 FWD

Le Salon and Gentlemen’s Barber features specialized stations for beauty and fashion treatments on board the Genting Dream.

Crystal Life Fitness, Deck 15 FWD

Crystal Life Fitness is a free-to-use gym on board the Genting Dream.

Some exercise stations face out to the sea for a unique view.

Resorts World at Sea, Deck 6, 7 & 8 MID

Resorts World at Sea is Genting Dream’s casino which spans 3 decks and comes alive any time the ship hits international waters.

Deck 8: Slot Machines
Deck 7: Service Counter, Electronic Table Games, Slot Machines, Cage
Deck 6: Service Counter, Table Games, Premium Room, International Room, Slot Machines, Cage

The Premium Room offers some promotional games, and during my cruise, the staff were showcasing the tablet for Electronic Table Games. The International Room offers a higher limit for games but is open to everyone.

Zodiac Theatre, Deck 7 FWD

Zodiac Theatre is where live performances for large crowds are held. More details on November-December 2022 Zodiac Theatre shows are found here.

The Boutiques, Deck 7 AFT

The Boutiques is the duty-free shopping area on board Genting Dream. On High Seas days, there may be additional sales. Check the RW Daily for more details. The Boutiques only operate in international waters.

Souvenir Mart, Deck 6 MID

Souvenir Mart is located on Deck 6 MID beside the Lobby. There are a range of products here from international snacks to useful items for cruising and Resorts World Cruises merchandise.

Some Resorts World Cruises corporate gifts are displayed at Souvenir Mart.

Perhaps the most attractive merchandise in this section is the Genting Dream ship model going at S$55.

Lobby, Deck 6 MID

The Lobby at Deck 6 has an open area and screen with activities and games conducted throughout the cruise.

Boarding day discounts and credits sales are also available at the Lobby. Menus from specialty restaurants are all displayed together so you can make your choices and reservations during the discount period.

Shore excursions can be booked through the Shore Excursions counter at the Lobby.

Bookings for other on-board tours, activities, and tickets can be made at the Box Office located around the corner from the Shore Excursions counter.

The information counter is the one-stop counter for any ship enquiries including on rooms, and to make payment before the last disembarkation for any on-board expenses.

Prayer Room, Deck 5 MID

For Muslim passengers, a Surau is available on Deck 5, alongside the row of meeting rooms. Follow the signs on screens which points to the Prayer Room. Quran, mats, and compass are provided.


There’s a whole list of activities, facilities, and shore excursions lined up throughout the Genting Dream cruise that it’s really quite difficult to get bored. Most of the time on the cruise would be spent at these facilities or restaurants to enjoy what the Genting Dream has to offer. With destination cruises now, there’s also much more places to explore now that cruises are bringing you to ports once again, and you now have a first-world problem to decide if you want to disembark to enjoy some time on shore, or to stay on board Genting Dream to enjoy the ship facilities and maximise your time on the cruise.

This cruise was kindly sponsored by Resorts World Cruises.

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