Genting Dream Cruise Blue Lagoon Review

Genting Dream Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is a specialty restaurant serving up à la carte local fare. With a coupon found in the RW Daily, I used it for a light lunch on one of the days of my cruise.

For discounts, look out for the coupons which are in some RW Daily newsletters. I didn’t have one in mine on boarding day, but they were soon replenished on the rack at the Lobby. This gives you discounts on some small food and drinks, the Helipad Experience, or some merchandise to take home.

Blue Lagoon is located on Deck 7, above the Lobby.

Outside of main meal times and in the late night, there are thin crowds at Blue Lagoon.

The menu of Blue Lagoon listed behind the entrance counter. The meal times are for the inclusive Chinese Set Menu, and does not refer to the operating times of Blue Lagoon. Blue Lagoon operates almost 24 hours throughout the cruise, save for the graveyard hours.

Blue Lagoon has a food court layout, however, orders are taken by the wait staff in the restaurant.

The Blue Lagoon menu is provided on a tablet, but ordering is still done through the wait staff.

I know what I’m having.

A wide variety of one-dish meals can be found in Blue Lagoon.

For casino members, the Members’ Special Set Meal can be redeemed here for 9 Genting Points (GP). The way I see it though, the Members’ Special Set Meal pretty much only gets you a free drink and free service charge since 1 GP is equivalent to S$1.

Blue Lagoon Char Kway Teow

My Char Kway Teow light lunch at Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon’s Char Kway Teow is done Malaysian style without any traces of mee, thankfully. The taste this time round was lighter, as compared to how I remembered it on board the World Dream, making it a little bit reflecting Singapore taste. It was still good, though I would have preferred more seasoning. Diets don’t count on holidays.


Blue Lagoon on Genting Dream offers one-dish quick meals of local and international cuisines. It’s a chargeable restaurant if you are in Balcony and below, but Palace guests can also get a Palace Set Menu here with local fare as an inclusive restaurant. Blue Lagoon is a potential alternative to the Inclusive Restaurants (Free of Charge) if the queues are too long and you need to munch on something while waiting for your Inclusive Restaurant timeslot.

This cruise was kindly sponsored by Resorts World Cruises.

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