Genting Dream Cruise Palace Restaurant Review

Genting Dream Palace Restaurant

The Palace is an exclusive enclave for Genting Dream passengers in Palace Suites and above located on the top forward part of the ship on Decks 17 and 18. While Palace guests get to enjoy specialty restaurants around the ship as part of the deal, there is also an exclusive Palace Restaurant within The Palace which serves Palace guests only. On this Surabaya and North Bali cruise, I had the privilege to sample a dinner up at the Palace Restaurant on my last cruising night.

The Palace

Heading into the Palace on Deck 17.

Palace Restaurant

Waiting to be seated at the Palace Restaurant.

As the crowds were filling up the Palace Restaurant, the Palace Lounge doubles up as the dining area as well.

A menu was provided for me to select my mains. Appetisers and desserts are on the buffet line.

A selection of 3 Western and 3 Chinese main courses are available for dinner. Similar to the Dream Dining Rooms, you are allowed to order more than 1 main course. In fact, it’s probably designed to be as such as the portions are not too big.

The buffet line starts with a cheese board with crackers on the side.

Salads and prawns follows next. Definitely a step up from Dream Dining Room Lower.

Next is the DIY salad station.

At the chef’s station, there was a Beijing Shredded Pork Roll served in a folded steamed bun.

2 soups were offered, 1 Chinese style and 1 Western style.

Dessert was at the end of the buffet line.

A carving station was also set up for a Slow Cooked Wagyu Rump and vegetables.

Iced Milo

Ordering from the secret Palace drinks menu, I got an iced Milo.

Cream of Vegetables

I started off with a Cream of Vegetables soup from the buffet line.

My selection of a DIY Caesar Salad, some cheese, and a slice of Wagyu Rump from the carving station.

Roasted Duck Breast

For my western main, I ordered the Roasted Duck Breast. The Roasted Duck Breast was finished perfectly well which was juicy and soft. The portion was also not too big so I get to enjoy the rest of the food on offer on the buffet as well.

For my Chinese main, I ordered the Braised Baby Abalone with Sea Treasure and Egg Fried Rice. Up in the Palace, it’s not uncommon to see premium food being featured on the regular menu, and in this dinner, there’s wagyu and abalone. The kitchen would also be ready to serve just pieces of abalone if you request for it.

As I had a bit of space, I ordered a third main to try out, the Scallop and Tiger Prawn Pasta. This was done Aglio Olio with added chilli. This pasta portion was big as compared with the previous 2 mains I had ordered. The Tiger Prawns were definitely the star here as they were nicely grilled and juicy, presented whole, with the shell peeled off from the body, and was very easy to bite off leaving the head and tail behind.

The freshly fried Salted Egg Fish Skin got refilled after my mains, so I picked out a small sample to try. Nice and crispy.


Some cake for dessert after my 3 mains.

Dong Zhi Festival Tang Yuan

As my dinner was on Dong Zhi Festival (Winter Solstice / 冬至) on 22 December 2022, Tang Yuan (汤圆) was served as a hot dessert, along with red bean soup. This was arguably the most popular dish of the night as everyone wanted to have at least 1 Tang Yuan to have as “意思” (as a small token).

My serving of Tang Yuan in red bean soup as a must-eat for that night. The Tang Yuan had sesame filling which happens to be my favourite, and it was definitely a nice touch that Resorts World Cruises did to cater to the Singaporean and Malaysian Chinese crowd who would be looking for this to have on the actual Dong Zhi Festival day.

Ice Cream

Ice cream was also offered after my meal, but I was too full to have more dessert, so here’s a picture from my Palace BBQ Dinner.


The Palace Restaurant is an exclusive restaurant for Palace guests only, and is the main restaurant for Palace guests to dine at when there’s no specialty restaurants booked. The service here at the Palace Restaurant is very personalised with wait staff and manager making the effort to remember who you are, and with Butlers coming to check on you during your meal to ensure that your cruise is doing well, and to iron out any issues or make any further bookings. The ingredients and food here are also more premium as compared to the regular inclusive restaurants, and are comparable to specialty restaurants like Bistro and Silk Road. If you are a Palace guest, don’t rush to book every single meal at specialty restaurants. Remember to try out the Palace Restaurant as well.

This cruise was kindly sponsored by Resorts World Cruises.

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