Genting Dream Cruise Umi Uma Teppanyaki Palace Set Menu Review

Genting Dream Umi Uma Teppanyaki

Umi Uma is one of Genting Dream’s popular specialty restaurants offering a variety of Japanese cuisines from Bentos and Sushi, to Sukiyaki and Teppanyaki. On this cruise, I had the privilege to try out the Palace Teppanyaki set menu at Umi Uma courtesy of Resorts World Cruises.

Umi Uma is located on Deck 8 on board Genting Dream.

The Teppanyaki section is the most popular dining area in Umi Uma due to limited seats available alongside the big Teppanyaki tables. If you are on The Palace, make your Teppanyaki booking as early as possible the moment you first meet your butler.

Genting Dream Umi Uma Teppanyaki Palace Set Menu

The Genting Dream Umi Uma Teppanyaki Palace Set Menu comes with a cold salad, Teppanyaki Vegetables, Garlic Fried Rice, your choice of protein, Miso Soup, and dessert. You can also top-up the amount stated on the left to trade up for a better protein.


To start dinner, the group ordered a bottle of Sake to share.

To be served cold, the staff brought out a Sake decanter for the Sake to chill in ice, which is separated in an ice holder.

The Sake is first chilled for about 3 minutes before being served.

To serve, push the Sake cup up the dispenser.

Mixed Green Salad with Sesame Dressing

The Teppanyaki dinner started with a cold Mixed Green Salad with Sesame Dressing, along with the sauces on the side which can be paired throughout the dinner. The Mixed Green Salad provided something to munch on while the Teppanyaki chef gets on with his cooking performance.

The cooking started with a bit of warm-up by the chef.

Oiling up the grill for the vegetables.

Lots of garlic were prepared to be used throughout the course of cooking.

Teppanyaki Vegetables

The first dish out of the grill was Teppanyaki Vegetables.

The Teppanyaki Vegetables were nicely seasoned with soya sauce and garlic (which would prove to be the base of all the dishes). This provided the next dish to munch on while watching the main protein get cooked.

Filet Mignon

Most of the table ordered the Filet Mignon, with just 1 chicken order.

The Filet Mignon was served according to doneness, based on the speed of cooking.

Steaks of the same doneness were diced and fried together.

My medium rare Filet Mignon was very tender with the juices blending in with the simple mix of soya sauce and garlic. Though advised by the waiter to mix it with the sauces, I thought they overpowered the taste of the Filet Mignon, and decided to eat most of my Filet Mignon on its own as served by the chef.

Garlic Fried Rice

The last dish out of the Teppanyaki grill would be the Garlic Fried Rice. I thought this new arrangement was better (to serve the rice last) as the protein can be enjoyed while still hungry.

Cooking the Garlic Fried Rice also showcased the chef’s entertainment skills with the many egg tossing tricks around.

The Anaconda from World Dream’s Umi Uma is still around before being quickly chopped up.

With most social distancing and mask restrictions removed in Singapore now, audience interaction is now back at Umi Uma with a game of egg basketball. The chef would choose guests to catch small pieces of omelette that he would toss into our mouths.

(Spoiler alert: None of us managed to catch it.)

The finished Garlic Fried Rice was piled into a heart before serving.

Over easy eggs are prepared to be added on top of the Garlic Fried Rice.

Dishing out the eggs onto the Garlic Fried Rice.

The egg over easy was a nice touch to the Garlic Fried Rice with the yolk mixing with the rice. The new arrangement of having the carbs last also allowed all dishes to be enjoyed while hungry, only feeling full at the end with the Garlic Fried Rice.

Matcha Ice Cream with Red Bean

The Teppanyaki dinner ended up with a choice of Vanilla or Matcha Ice Cream with Red Bean. I chose Matcha since this was a Japanese dinner.

Pro-tip: If you would like to try both ice cream options, instead of paying for an additional course here at Umi Uma, go to Gelateria just around the corner where the same Vanilla, Matcha, and a lot more other flavours are available at S$3 for a single scoop or S$5 for a double scoop.


Umi Uma on Genting Dream offers a variety of Japanese cuisines with the most popular being Teppanyaki. As a specialty restaurant, additional charges apply if you are on Balcony and below, but if you are on The Palace, you get to eat here for free as specialty restaurants are inclusive in your Palace stay. Limited seats are available at Teppanyaki tables, so make your Umi Uma Teppanyaki booking as early as possible – if you are in Balcony and below, reserve it (and stack the discounts) during the boarding day discount at the lobby or credits promo around the ship, or if you are in The Palace, reserve it the moment you first meet your butler.

This cruise was kindly sponsored by Resorts World Cruises.

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