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World Dream Super Seacation Cruise To Nowhere

The World Dream Super Seacation includes many facilities, activities, and entertainment options on board which are free of charge, with the exception of stuff you want to add-on for an enhanced experience. As there are really a lot of places and activities to mention, I’ll just be including the stuff I visited or went for.

The details here are for all passengers to use regardless of class. For exclusive Palace facilities and activities, click here.

Dream Daily / Dream Weekender

The Dream Daily or Dream Weekender is the cruise daily printed with the activities and promotions available on board. This will also tell you the restaurant operating hours, which you can see that it’s open almost throughout the day so you never get hungry.

Click through the album above to view the Dream Weekender published for my cruise.

The cruise details can also be viewed on the Dream App.

World Dream WiFi On Board

The World Dream offers WiFi packages on board for surfing at various speeds.

Package Recommended Use No. of Devices Allowed Pricing
Standard E-mail, Chat & Social Media 1 Device Only 1 Nights: SGD 9
2 Nights: SGD 18
3 Nights: SGD 27
2 Devices Simultaneously 1 Nights: SGD 16
2 Nights: SGD 32
3 Nights: SGD 48
4 Devices Simultaneously 1 Nights: SGD 27
2 Nights: SGD 54
3 Nights: SGD 81
Premium E-mail, Chat, Social Media & Light Media Streaming 1 Device Only 1 Nights: SGD 14
2 Nights: SGD 28
3 Nights: SGD 42
24 Hours: SGD 25
2 Devices Simultaneously 1 Nights: SGD 25
2 Nights: SGD 50
3 Nights: SGD 75
4 Devices Simultaneously 1 Nights: SGD 42
2 Nights: SGD 84
3 Nights: SGD 126

I had the Standard package for 2 nights on 1 device, which worked surprisingly fast. I had expected the ship internet speeds to be comparable to aircraft WiFi speeds, but I was surprisingly able to stream videos very smoothly using the Standard package. The on-board WiFi also works well at all corners of the ship so you are always connected even along corridors.

The package is sold according to the cruise length, not according to the length of your usage. That means if you buy the package only on the last day or night of the cruise, you will still get charged for the number of nights your cruise is.

WiFi can be purchased from the Dream App directly, or visit the Reception at Deck 6 for assistance. The Dream App must be downloaded before boarding.

If you are using a non-mobile device like a laptop, connect to “Dream WiFi” and go to to login after making your WiFi purchase from the Dream App or the Reception at Deck 6. This only works if you are on board and connected to “Dream WiFi” – don’t try this at home.

Resorts World At Sea Casino

Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way. The key attraction for cruises out of Singapore for retirees is most definitely the casino. On the World Dream, the Resorts World At Sea Casino spans 3 decks.

Deck 8: Slot Machines
Deck 7: Service Counter, Electronic Table Games, Slot Machines, Cage
Deck 6: Table Games, Slot Machines, Premium Room, International Room, Cage

The Premium Room offers a higher limit for games but is open to everyone. The International Room is for Silver members and above.

Some interesting promotions if you have not been to the Resorts World At Sea Casino:

If you have an existing Genting Rewards membership already from anywhere in the world, you can link your account to get the same tier, and get free S$10 credits to expend on jackpot machines.

If you create a new membership, you get to play a spin and win game at the iKiosk where you can win a thank you, S$5, or S$10 to expend on jackpot machines. (Most will win S$5.) You’ll also get a free coin pouch.

Being in the Chinese New Year period, there’s also free ang pow packets to redeem using the iKiosk.

Crystal Life Spa

The Crystal Life Spa offers western spa treatments, as well as the sauna and steam room for all passengers at a fee.

Lots of space inside to get changed and freshen up before and after your spa or sauna session.

The Thermal Pool and Sauna in the Crystal Life Spa.

A shower is available to use before and after your spa session.

The hot water dispenser is currently not in use due to COVID-19, but there’s bottled water for you to take.

Le Salon & The Gentlemen’s Barber

Le Salon & The Gentlemen’s Barber is where you get styled up on board the World Dream.

Le Salon features specialized stations for manicure and pedicure for female guests.

From 3 salon stations, only 2 are in operation for social distancing.

For guys, 1 seat at The Gentlemen’s Barber does all the works.

Crystal Life Fitness

Crystal Life Fitness is a free-to-use gym on board the World Dream.

Some exercise stations face out to the sea for a unique view.

Some fitness classes are also held in Crystal Life Fitness.

Bridge Viewing Room

The bridge is where the World Dream is commanded from. During the day, the Bridge Viewing Room offers a front view of what the Captain is seeing when cruising along the Straits of Malacca. This can be accessed by walking through the corridor between Crystal Life Spa and Crystal Life Fitness.

The interior of the Bridge Viewing Room.

There are live navigational data on public display in the Bridge Viewing Room.

There is also a detailed scale model of the World Dream.

Looking into the Bridge from the Bridge Viewing Room. But with the ship cruising at a leisurely 0.5 to 4 knots along the Straits of Malacca, there’s not much action to watch here.


The Esc EXPERIENCE LAB is like an arcade but with virtual reality (VR) games. (Also if you’re interested and above 18, this is where you buy tickets for Dream Boys.)

A popular VR ride is the Finger Coaster rollercoaster simulator where you draw out your own roller coaster ride and then experience it with the full VR effects.

The Icaros flying simulator combines VR and fitness with a gyroscopic design allowing three-dimensional movements.

Zodiac Theatre

The Zodiac Theatre is where the main live shows are held on board the World Dream. 3D movies are also screened here during the day.

With Safe Management Measures, each show in the Zodiac Theatre can only sit 250 people. Seats will also be blocked off between groups. Be sure to make your booking reservations early on the Dream App for shows.

On my first cruise, there were concerts by Twice As Nice featuring Westley and Shelly on the first day, and the Vision magic show by Vincent Vignaud.

On my second cruise, there was a Dream Variety show featuring a very talented Yimo who was singing Chinese songs in both male and female parts.

The Dream Store

The Dream Store on Deck 7 sells Dream Cruises souvenirs and other random knickknacks depending on the season.

Some Dream Cruises souvenirs were on sale at 40% off on my sailing date.

Unfortunately, ship models were not part of the 40% discount section, otherwise I would have gotten one for myself.

The paper World Dream model costs S$24, which you assemble yourself.

The World Dream 19cm resin ship model costs S$59.

The limited edition World Dream 19cm cast ship model costs S$70.

Mini Golf

Deck 18 Aft is where the sports activities are, which includes a mini golf course. Retrieve the golf balls and clubs from the counter before playing.

Rock Climbing Wall

There is also a Rock Climbing Wall. Ask the counter for assistance before climbing so they can strap you into the harness and belay you.

Table Tennis

The Table Tennis area is under the sheltered part. Retrieve the ping pong balls and paddles from the counter before playing.

Ropes Course & Zipline

The most popular activity would be the Ropes Course and Zipline. While everyone looks forward to the Zipline, the attractions are combined, so you have to climb through the Ropes Course first.

The waiting time can be long as only the number of persons limited by current regulations in a group can go through the course in each batch. Each batch will take approximately 15 minutes to complete the course, with no inter-mingling between batches allowed. Queue early if you want a go at flying over the sea.

Main Pool Deck & Jacuzzi

The Main Pool is a great place for a dip in the hot afternoon sun, and the Jacuzzi is best done at night after dinner for a warm dip.

The Main Pool Deck and Jacuzzi may have additional booking rules from time to time, but in reality it’s supply and demand. Each slot lasts for an hour for both pool or jacuzzi, and you can only make 1 booking at a time. If you’re lucky, there may be lesser people on board and you can get additional bookings during your cruise.

If you can, I recommend trying for both a day and night slot as the vibe is different at both times.

The Jacuzzi is best done at night as the water can get quite warm and it feels very hot to be in it during a hot afternoon.

Michael Jackson Inspired Laser Display

On the second cruise night, there was a Michael Jackson Inspired Laser Display up at the Main Pool (Deck 16) and Sun Deck (Deck 17). There were 3 shows at hourly intervals.

Here’s a part of the Michael Jackson Inspired Laser Display on video.

After the Michael Jackson Inspired Laser Display, the Main Pool comes back to light slowly, revealing a vastly different view compared to during the day.

Fireworks at Sea

I really enjoyed this cruise on board the World Dream, so much that I booked myself on a second cruise at the end of February, even upgrading to The Palace.

The Fireworks at Sea has a capacity limit of 250 people as per safe management measures. Booking is done on the Dream App from 9pm on the first day – fastest fingers first. However, as I was a Palace guest, I simply got my Butler to book it for me hours before booking opened on the Dream App. Yet another perk of being a Palace guest.

After entering the viewing area on Deck 16, a crew comes around with tape to assign your safe distancing spot.

The tape is 1 meter apart from the next group, and I have to stay in my square throughout the show.

The show kicks off with the Michael Jackson Inspired Laser Display. On nights with Fireworks at Sea, the Michael Jackson Inspired Laser Display does not operate as a standalone activity.

Following the Michael Jackson Inspired Laser Display, there is an Adventure Laser Display for 5 minutes.

The crowd then turns towards the aft of the ship to see the Fireworks at Sea being shot out on the starboard side of the ship.

The fireworks were quite low and it’s quite nice to see it up close as compared to displays on the mainland. Hopefully neighbouring ships don’t think that the World Dream is in distress.

Once the show was over, passengers leave the viewing area on Deck 16 row by row as per safe management measures.

Dream Boys

Yes, I did it. I fell for the on board marketing throughout the two days of my second cruise, both in-person at Zodiac Theatre shows and ship-wide public announcements, and decided to buy myself a ticket to watch Dream Boys. This was touted for being great for “anniversaries, birthdays, ladies, married couples,” and a whole extended impressive long list which I can’t remember what it was.

Officially though, Dream Boys is touted as “a ladies night where your fantasies will really come to life” with “sexy and muscular male dancers” promised to “melt you down with their powerful, hot and seductive moves”.

Sorry children.

The Dream Boys ticket costs S$50 nett, and comes with a complimentary Dream Mocktail to be redeemed at Bar 360. No food and drinks are allowed during the show as masks have to be on at all times.

However, with my Palace Premium Beverage Package, I didn’t need to use this ticket stub since I have a whole suite of beverage privileges.

Here’s my Dream Mocktail ordered at Umi Uma Teppanyaki, way before I purchased my Dream Boys ticket.

I’m glad to report that Dream Boys was extremely entertaining with Yimo the comedian being the star of the show with the jokes, and the actual Dream Boys were well appreciated by the aunties in the audience, but unfortunately they weren’t my cup of tea. There was also no nudity throughout the show, in contrast with other press release-style blog articles online. Well worth the S$50 spent.

Do note that there is only a 70-person limit to watch Dream Boys with safe management measures in place, and there is only 1 show per cruise.

Photography and recording is prohibited throughout the Dream Boys show. Sorry ladies.


There’s a whole list of activities and facilities lined up throughout the cruise that it’s really quite difficult to get bored. What I’ve written here are only the things I’ve done, and there are still areas of the World Dream like mini golf, zipline, and rock climbing, which I have not even set foot on the deck yet even after two cruises.

Whether in the Balcony Deluxe Stateroom or the Palace Suite, I don’t think I spent more than an hour accumulative during the day inside my room as there are just so many activities to do around the World Dream.

Just as I have not been bored throughout my two cruises so far, with another one coming in end-April, I’m sure you will not be bored too, considering how most of us Singaporeans have been stuck on our Pulau Ujong for so long without using our passports.

The first cruise was kindly sponsored by Dream Cruises Singapore, under a separate project.

Book your World Dream Super Seacation Cruise To Nowhere here!

World Dream Super Seacation Cruise To Nowhere


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