Genting Dream Cruise Zodiac Theatre Shows & Entertainment (November-December 2022)

Genting Dream Zodiac Theatre

Zodiac Theatre is the main theatre on board Genting Dream with 999 seats. A variety of shows can be held at Zodiac Theatre usually with at least 1 every night of the cruise. Here are the shows that I watched on board Genting Dream on my cruise in November 2022.

Zodiac Theatre, Deck 7 FWD

Zodiac Theatre is located at Deck 7 Forward. Doors usually open 45 minutes before the show.

Palace Priority Entry, Silk Road, Deck 6 Forward

For Palace guests, priority entry with premium seats is located at Silk Road, Deck 6 Forward.

Joe Yu with his Magical Pets

Joe Yu with his Magical Pets is a magic show by Singaporean magician Joe Yu. As the name of the show suggests, his tricks revolve around his pets on stage.

This was my first cruise post-COVID so I was pleasantly surprised when there was audience interaction, until it quickly got to me that this has been allowed for a few months now.

There was an acrobatic show in the middle of the show which I felt was a bit strange but it seems to have pleased the crowd.

Audience interaction is also back on stage as Joe Yu could call upon an audience member for assistance.

I’m not going to describe the show too much or else it would defeat the purpose of you going to watch it for yourself.

At the end of the show, the pets also came round the Zodiac Theatre after the show for the audience to pet them.

During the cruise, there is also a workshop conducted by Joe Yu if you would like to learn some magic tricks.

“The Beatles Night” by Crossover Band

On my third night on the cruise, Zodiac Theatre turned into a concert hall with “The Beatles Night” by the on-board Crossover Band featuring hits from The Beatles. No videos, unfortunately, since I’ll be copyright-striked by YouTube.

Jingle Bells

The must-watch on board Genting Dream during this season is definitely Jingle Bells, a Christmas musical.

The musical doesn’t have much spoken lines, with lots of actions and music instead to change the mood, which makes it suitable for everyone of all ages and languages to watch.

There are dance numbers to go along with familiar Christmas tunes.

Acrobatic performances are also featured. With audience interaction no longer restricted, there were loud applause, cheers, and whistling during the show.

More audience interaction were in the middle of the show with lighted balls bounced around the Zodiac Theatre.

If you are cruising on board Genting Dream from 18 November 2022 till 1 January 2023, be sure not to miss the Jingle Bells show.

This cruise was kindly sponsored by Resorts World Cruises.

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