World Dream Galley Tour [Exclusive!]

World Dream Super Seacation Cruise To Nowhere

On this cruise on board the World Dream, I had the privilege to visit the main galley where most of the ship’s food gets cooked up for various inclusive restaurants. The galley consists of many sections, depending on cuisine or type of food, which I’ll write about below.

Dream Dining Room Lower

The Executive Sous Chef met up with my group at Dream Dining Room Lower before heading to the galley.

Galley Escalator

The galley is on Deck 6, one deck below Dream Dining Room Lower. To access it, there is a pair of escalators – the only set of escalators on board the World Dream – for the convenience of staff traversing between the galley and restaurant.

Here’s a waiter bringing up food for Dream Dining Room Lower from the galley.

Before entering the galley, the chef demonstrates the 8 steps to wash hands with.

Fire Fighting

The galley is arguably the most dangerous part of the ship for fires to occur with heat generated during cooking. Fire closets around the galley are aplenty with chefs doubling up as certified fire fighters in case of emergencies.

Stewarding Area

The Chief Steward comes by to explain how the stewarding cleans up the dishes after passengers have had their meals, and how food waste is processed on board the ship.

The metal funnel leads to a chute for uneaten food which gets cut up into smaller pieces later on, and gets discharged slowly into the sea a minimum distance from shore to feed the fishes.

If cutlery accidentally gets fed down the chute, there are strong magnets at the sides before the blade to prevent them from being sent to the blades, damaging the blades as a result.

Different types of trays are for separating different types of dishes, fed through the dishwasher.

Next, it’s on to the cooking part of the tour.

Garde Manger

The Garde Manger or cold galley are where fruits, salads, and sandwiches are assembled.

Asian Galley

The Asian Galley is where meals for Dream Dining Room Upper are whipped up.

There are no open flames on board the ship, with electrical induction cooking used throughout.

With the high wattage, water comes to a boil instantly in the wok.

Once the hot wok is taken off the induction stove, the stove surface is already cool enough to put your whole hand on it, preventing fires from happening.

Western Galley

The Western Galley is where meals for Dream Dining Room Lower are whipped up.

There are huge ovens here, which the Asian Galley also uses for steaming rice.


The bakery is where the ship’s breads are baked fresh throughout the day. Even with my mask on, this section smells amazing.

Pastry Galley

Just beside the bakery, the pastry chefs create desserts in the Pastry Galley.

Halal Galley

The Halal Galley is where Halal meals are cooked up.

The World Dream is Asia Pacific’s first Halal-friendly cruise ship certified by the United World Halal Development (UNWHD). There is a dedicated Halal buffet line at The Lido serving up Halal-certified food throughout meal times.

Equipment in the Halal Galley is clearly labeled and marked to prevent contamination with other galleys.

Clean Lift

Food from the galley is transported around the ship using the clean lift.

Dirty Lift

Waste is transported around the ship using the dirty lift. No food is allowed inside the dirty lift.

Halal Lift

For Halal food, there is a dedicated Halal Lift to transport it around the ship.

To further ensure that the Halal Lift is used for Halal food only, CCTVs are looking out when in use.

Thank you Dream Cruises Singapore for this insightful visit to the galley!

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World Dream Super Seacation Cruise To Nowhere