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World Dream Super Seacation Cruise To Nowhere

With all the cancellations happening thanks to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), Dream Cruises seem to have cancellations that made up to become less than 25% of the total capacity that there were some unbeatable fares available online. At S$198 all in for a solo cruiser for an Interior Stateroom, I decided to book my cruise to experience what’s it like cruising with heightened restrictions.

Strangely, the Interior Stateroom was offered this time despite all the fares I have been seeing since the start of cruising to be for Balcony Stateroom and above, but for S$198 for 2 nights, it’s possibly 2021’s best bargain and I really can’t complain.

World Dream Interior Stateroom with Single Bed

World Dream’s Interior Staterooms are at least 12 square meters big laid out elongated from the corridor to the balcony, located throughout the ship from Deck 5 through Deck 15, sans the entertainment and dining decks on Decks 6 to 8, and are everywhere from forward to aft of the ship.

The most obvious thing missing when entering the Interior Stateroom is natural light. No curtains to use, no balcony to open.

I’m not sure how cabins are assigned, but I got a single bed in my cabin when booked as a solo cruiser.

A sofa bed is placed beside my single bed. This folds out to fit 2 persons.

A further drop-down pullman bed above the single bed will bring the occupancy up to a very high 4 persons in this Interior Stateroom.

Other than that, the Interior Stateroom is pretty well laid out with everything else aside from natural light and sea breeze provided as per normal.

World Dream Interior Stateroom Facilities

The working desk has a very important function on this cruise, as food and drinks are not allowed to be consumed outside of cabins during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert).

The coffee and tea making facility will play an important role in my cruise during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert).

The television is placed in a console with racks for paper stuff.

The television is rigidly fixed into this frame, and is not moveable. As such, I am unable to reach for the HDMI port to link up my laptop to it for duplicating my screen.

The wardrobe is a lot slimmer than those in the Balcony Stateroom, and is interestingly divided into 2 sections.

Ample hangers are provided in the wardrobe.

Additional bedding is rolled up on top in the wardrobe.

My bathrobes were missing when I first opened the wardrobe, but a quick call to Housekeeping fixed it within 2 minutes, thanks to my convenient location just beside the Housekeeping store.

Slippers are provided in the open shelf.

2 in-room safes were surprisingly provided, since the Balcony Stateroom only has 1.

The minibar is in the open shelf.

The minibar comes empty as usual, but you are allowed to bring non-alcoholic beverages on board World Dream, so here’s my drinks package purchased from NTUC.

World Dream Interior Stateroom Charging Sockets

1 UK 3-pin power socket and 1 China flat 3-pin power socket are provided at the working desk.

1 UK 3-pin power socket and 2 covered USB power sockets are provided by the single bed.

1 UK 3-pin power socket and 2 open USB power sockets are provided by the sofa bed.

World Dream Interior Stateroom Bathroom

The toilet in the Interior Stateroom is pretty much exactly the same as the Balcony Stateroom.

The only difference is the lighter brown finishing on the shelves below the sink, as compared to dark brown in the Balcony Stateroom.

Toiletries are placed on small shelves by the sink counter and toilet bowl. This is in addition to the 3-in-1 soap readily available in the standing shower.

Toothbrush sets are placed in a shelf beside the sink.

Not sure if Dream Cruises had my request records, but since the only thing I’ve been asking Housekeeping for were shaving kits on previous cruises without these provided, I received 2 of these waiting for me in my cabin.

The standing shower is rather spacious to be in. There is also a clothesline (not in picture) at the top of the standing shower to hang your clothes at, right below the exhaust fan, so it’s quite useful for poor man’s steaming and drying your clothes after a shower.

World Dream Interior Stateroom Corridor

Rather than sharing the same corridor as the Balcony Stateroom, the Interior Staterooms have a middle corridor on their own.

Some room entrances have pillars beside them so be careful when walking through the door.

Air is regularly circulated in corridors that don’t naturally get fresh air.

The absence of natural light also brings the room to pitch darkness whenever lights are switched off. Something that I’m used to when travelling in cheap hotels around the region on weekends pre-COVID.


Considering that you would spend most of the time using the ship’s facilities rather than declaring an SHN for yourself, the Interior Stateroom offers fantastic value at the price I managed to snag it yet. Although, yes, I still feel a bit strange too as to why I was able to purchase my cruise since Interior Staterooms are once again not available on all cruises, and I was literally the only passenger in my corridor, thus making friends with all 3 housekeeping staff tending to my cabin.

Furthermore, on board Dream Cruises, all the frills you get from meals to facility usage are the same for all Balcony and below passengers, unlike on Star Cruises where Balcony Class passengers get more benefits than World Cruiser (Oceanview and below) passengers. The only exception is the turn-down service, but then again, it’s perpetually night time in the Interior Stateroom and I don’t mind not having my blanket not adjusted either way since it’s the only thing that could have been done in the turn-down service, if any.

If I see the Interior Stateroom on offer again for cheap, especially on a weekend if ever, I’ll probably purchase it again without hesitation.

Book your World Dream Super Seacation Cruise To Nowhere here!

World Dream Super Seacation Cruise To Nowhere

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