World Dream All-Inclusive Free Dining & Additional Specialty Restaurants

World Dream Super Seacation Cruise To Nowhere

On board the World Dream cruise to nowhere, there are 3 all-inclusive restaurants, 1 24-hour snack bar, and 15 other additional paid bars and restaurants currently open. Some bars and restaurants are closed due to prevailing Government regulations such as mingling or karaoke. For The Palace residents, there are 3 more exclusive dining options.

World Dream Free All-Inclusive Restaurants

The Lido – International and Halal Cuisine

The Lido is a buffet restaurant serving up breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are 3 distinct sections at The Lido, namely, Halal, Vegetarian, and everything else. If you have dietary requirements, you can request to be seated near your respective buffet lines.

A table is assigned for you at the entrance of The Lido based on group size.

The Lido Breakfast Buffet

The Halal buffet line is at the front of The Lido near the entrance.

Both Malay and Western breakfast staples are available at the Halal section.

Next, the cold section with fruits, cereal, and yoghurt.

The regular buffet line includes usual breakfast staples.

There is also an a la minute section of Egg Benedict, Egg Florentine, and Waffles.

The Vegetarian section faces the aft of the ship.

Diners are spaced out with alternate tables left empty.

Going by the low crowd since cruises can only operate at up to 50% capacity under STB’s CruiseSafe certification, half of The Lido is left empty too due to the reduced number of passengers. Half a restaurant was more than sufficient to cater to everyone without queues anyway.

I went for a basic Western selection for my buffet. Staff will pick up the food for you to minimize any contact between the public and food.

Interestingly, the bacon in the international section is made of chicken and not pork.

I picked up some ham and cheese, and an Egg Benedict too.

There’s also an omelette station but this had a longer queue, since everything is made to order, and I didn’t wish to waste time for it.

The Lido Lunch Buffet

For lunch and dinner, the position of the various diets remains the same.

The Halal buffet line features typical Malay selections.

There are also traditional kueh for dessert.

A Western salad selection is also available in the Halal buffet line.

The once-self-service drinks bar now has additional queue poles for staff to take the drinks for you. Coffee, tea, and syrup juices are available.

The dessert selection in the regular buffet line.

The main lunch selection in The Lido is rather Oriental instead of international.

There is a mix of Indian vegetarian and Western vegetarian in the Vegetarian buffet line.

Dream Dining Room Upper – Chinese Set Menu

The Dream Dining Room is split into upper and lower sections, serving up different cuisines. At Dream Dining Room Upper, a Chinese Set Menu is served, though cuisines may rotate around other Asian cuisines such as Thai, Vietnamese, or Filipino. These are served as sharing portions on each table, depending on the number of guests.

As I’m not exactly a fan of Chinese food especially when lots of other options are available, I didn’t dine in here much.

Dream Dining Room Lower – Western Set Menu

At Dream Dining Room Lower, a Western Set Menu is served. These are served as individual portions, course by course.

Dream Dining Room Lower Western Breakfast Set Menu

The Dream Dining Room Lower Breakfast Western Set Menu consists of choices of bread and pastries, cereals, fruits, drinks, and mains of eggs or French toast.

The Dream Cruise Breakfast Favourites consist of a choice of two eggs (I opted for poached), baked bacon, breakfast sausage, pork ham, baked beans, hash brown, and grilled tomato. On my plate, there was additional scrambled eggs which I did not order but gladly appreciate having.

The taste of breakfast here in the Dream Dining Room Lower as compared with The Lido for similar items tasted fresher and the dining experience was more comfortable sitting down throughout. Thank you COVID-19 and Safe Management Measures for providing daily sit-down meals on board a cruise which was once a paid or gala luxury.

Also, the Dream Dining Room Lower uses pork in their dishes, as compared with chicken or beef replacements up in The Lido buffet. I guess Dream Cruises wants to keep The Lido’s Halal buffet line uncontaminated as far as reasonably practicable.

There was also French Toast served with cinnamon and cream cheese, with sides of maple syrup and jam. This was a little bit soggy but still tasty.

Despite being laid out as a set menu, you are free to remove courses or order seconds as you wish just like a buffet.

Dream Dining Room Lower Western Lunch Set Menu

Here’s the Dream Dining Room Lower Western Lunch Set Menu I had on the second day. There is a generous serving of 4 courses in this inclusive restaurant.

The meal starts with a selection of break from the basket and my selected Apple Salad.

The Apple Salad was nice and crisp, meaning it’s fresh from the kitchen and probably not picked up from a buffet line.

This is followed by Split Peas Soup. Nice and creamy with some crunch from the bacon bits.

I opted to have the Barbeque Mini Pork Back Ribs. This comes with sides of French fries, corn on cob, broccoli, and onion rings. The ribs were individually small, but tender nonetheless.

For dessert, I ordered the Queen of Sheba cake.

The cake was nice and sweet with a chocolate almond marzipan sauce.

And what better way to complement a cake than with ice cream? Yup, I ordered myself a second dessert of Vanillicious, but the ice cream turned out to be cookies and cream instead, which was a happy problem. This comes with salted caramel sauce, candied nuts, and a wafer.

Having these two desserts together was perfect.

And I didn’t want to entertain the fruits.

The Lido Outdoor Snacks Corner

If you are hungry or thirsty at any time of the day, you can head to The Lido Outdoor Snacks Corner. This is located outside The Lido as a non-airconditioned dining area though fully sheltered. Do note that you need to be seated, and can’t be taking food and drinks to walk around the ship.

There are two side-by-side buffet lines, though only one was used.

Some deep fried food on offer for snacks.

Some bread available for fillers throughout the day.

A mix of salads are also available.

Drinks are also served by the crew. Coffee, tea, and syrup juices are available.

Interestingly, there is no limit to the number of inclusive restaurants you can dine at at each meal time, so it’s very possible to eat at all 3 inclusive restaurants for a single meal time back to back if you want to try out everything.

World Dream Specialty Restaurants

I also had the additional privilege of trying out 2 specialty restaurants during my cruise. These are otherwise chargeable, but the food you get is definitely more premium than the inclusive restaurants.

Seafood Grill by Mark Best

Seafood Grill by Mark Best offers a 4-course western seafood menu, though there’s a la carte options if you like.

I had the privilege of trying out this 4-course dinner set menu.

Dinner starts off with a selection of breads with cold cuts.

As compared with the inclusive restaurant, the bread here is more Italian style rather than generic buns. Also, the cold cuts were a nice touch to the fillers, and I particularly enjoyed the parma ham which I didn’t take a picture of since I ate it too fast.

The first course is a Caesar Salad which was nicely and evenly tossed, and the lettuce, bacon, and croutons were nicely crisp.

The salad is followed by Forest Mushroom Soup which was nicely pureed with a touch of cream on top.

Being in an atas restaurant means I get my pepper grounded by the waiter too.

For the main course, there is a choice between a Seafood Platter with half a Baked Lobster, Scallops, Baked Oyster Kilpatrick, and Shrimps, or a Poached Barramundi Fillet. Considering that both are selling at the same price, I opted for the obvious option.

My very nicely presented Seafood Platter with half a Baked Lobster, Scallops, Baked Oyster Kilpatrick, and Shrimps.

The half lobster was underwhelmingly small but tasted pretty good with the garlic and butter.

My favourite item on the Seafood Platter was the big and juicy Baked Oyster Kilpatrick with a charred taste but still raw-ish so it still contains all the fresh oyster flavour within.

Dessert was a Sauternes Custard with Bitter Caramel Sauce and Crispy Crostoli Bread. The bitter caramel sauce might be an acquired taste but I thought it went well with the sweet custard.

Umi Uma

I had a reservation for a Teppanyaki dinner at Umi Uma on the second day of my cruise.

This is rather elusive since there are only 5 teppanyaki tables in the restaurant, so make your reservations early.

The performance (meal?) starts off with some warm up by the chef.

A smile to start the cooking.

The first course from the Teppanyaki grill is some Japanese Teppanyaki vegetables.

The Japanese Teppanyaki vegetables were nicely grilled and a good filler for the performances following up.

The next dish is Garlic Fried Rice which starts off with some egg throwing.

The chef draws out a flower without ever touching the egg with his hands.

Making an omelette after the flower pattern…

… which then turned into an anaconda by the chef, slithering around the Teppanyaki grill.

Some omelette tossing and catching which I’m happy to say I succeeded at.

This is followed by some Garlic Fried Rice after mixing the eggs together with the rest of the ingredients set aside.

The Garlic Fried Rice was packed full of flavour, probably helped when served piping hot from the grill.

Following the performance highlights, it’s time for the main dish I’m looking forward to.

From the 3 options of Scallop, Filet Mignon, and Salmon, I chose to have a Filet Mignon.

My Filet Mignon is diced up before serving.

My nicely done medium rare Filet Mignon had a very nice marbling which made for a fantastic beefy experience.

Dessert was not grilled on the Teppan since it was Matcha ice cream and cake.

The Palace Exclusive

Palace Lounge

I also had the privilege to enjoy afternoon high tea at the Palace Lounge.

The Palace Lounge within The Palace is exclusively for The Palace residents, so I had to register myself at the reception, with the staff confirming my reservation, before being allowed in to The Palace to have it.

Afternoon high tea is served in the Palace Lounge.

However, as I was in a bigger group than 4, I was seated in the Palace Restaurant instead as it had more space. The two dining areas are located just side by side.

And since this is The Palace, alcoholic drinks are included. I got myself a Moscato which is great with small bites.

The afternoon tea set at The Palace comes with 9 items, a mix of sweet and savoury.

And here’s the afternoon high tea served on a three-tier curate stand.

I started from the bottom tier which features the savoury snacks of Egg and Cucumber Salad Sandwich, Croissant Filled with Tuna Fish, Sausage Roll, and Chicken and Mushroom Pie.

Next, the sweet middle tier of Lemon Tart, Mini Doughnut, Lychee Profiterole, and Sacher Almond Torte.

I had the English Scone last with Clotted Cream and Strawberry Jam.


As you can see, the food available on board the World Dream Super Seacation Cruise To Nowhere is aplenty, and I enjoyed every single meal on board be it in specialty restaurants or the all-inclusive ones. Even if you don’t spend extra on the specialty restaurants, you can technically eat up to 9 meals a day (3 meals a day at 3 inclusive restaurants each), and that’s excluding snacks in between or after meal times.

Thanks to COVID-19 and Safe Management Measures, you also get sit-down meals at two of the three inclusive restaurants, which was otherwise once a paid or gala luxury.

If you live to eat, the World Dream Super Seacation Cruise To Nowhere is perfect for you. I would actually recommend setting aside one meal at a specialty restaurant for a special treat – it’s worth it when compared to restaurants on land with excellent service. The full reservations list at the popular specialty restaurants above prove themselves to be true.

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This cruise was kindly sponsored by Dream Cruises Singapore, under a separate project.

World Dream Super Seacation Cruise To Nowhere


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