World Dream Balcony Deluxe Stateroom Review (With Bathtub)

World Dream Super Seacation Cruise To Nowhere

The World Dream Super Seacation emphasizes on 100% fresh air throughout the ship under STB’s CruiseSafe certification. This doesn’t mean that World Dream does not operate without air-conditioning, but it’s more on fresh air used throughout the ship rather than recycled air. Nevertheless, what better way to get 100% fresh air than to get a balcony in my room? For this trip, I had the privilege to try out the Balcony Deluxe Stateroom.

Balcony Deluxe Stateroom

World Dream’s Balcony Deluxe Staterooms are at least 22 square meters big laid out elongated from the corridor to the balcony. These are available from Deck 8 through to Deck 15, and are mostly clustered around the middle of the ship.

The flat-screen TV in the room greets me by name when I switch it on.

The Balcony Deluxe Stateroom can also be triple or quadruple sharing. Each cabin would have a single or double sofa bed, and for quad-sharing staterooms, there would also be a ceiling Pullman bed.

The sofa bed flips open like this when there’s a third person in the room.

Here’s the space you get when the sofa bed is opened up.

The closet has slippers, a laundry bag for laundry service, and an in-room safe.

Bedding for the sofa bed is stored here.

Ample hangers are available inside the closet.

There is a table across from the sofa bed where most room amenities are.

There is a coffee and tea making station, with the kettle’s socket integrated with the station like a dock.

2 bottles of mineral water are provided in the room. Additional bottles are chargeable, but remember that the tap water in the cabin is drinkable, so just refill it from there. Alternatively, head up to Deck 16 to The Lido for 24 hour free snacks and drinks.

There is also a room service menu and a mini bar package, since the mini bar comes empty. But you really should be dining at restaurants for the cruise experience in my opinion. Also, head up to Deck 16 to The Lido for 24 hour free snacks and drinks.

Two masks are also provided in the stateroom.


The balcony consists of two seats with a side table. Smoking is permitted on the balcony, but remember to close the doors.

Fun fact: The cabin air-conditioning automatically switches off when you open the balcony door. You have to switch the aircon back on again after you return to the cabin from the balcony.

The view of Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore from my balcony.

Balcony Deluxe Stateroom Toilet and Bathroom

The attached toilet in the Balcony Deluxe Stateroom is very spacious.

There is a double sink in the toilet.

Toiletries are placed on the counter above the sink.

There is also a generic 3-in-1 soap in the shower and bathtub.

The key difference between the Balcony Deluxe Stateroom and Balcony Stateroom is the availability of the bathtub. The Balcony Stateroom which most passengers get from upgrade promotions come with a standing shower without a bathtub.

The bathtub in the Balcony Deluxe Stateroom.

Towels are hung by the side rack.

The water from the tap is drinkable.

Charging Power Sockets

By the bed side, there are both USB and 3-pin power sockets available.

Pro-tip: The 3-pin socket charges up your phone and devices faster than the USB socket, so use that if you need a faster day charge. If you are charging your devices overnight, both sockets are fine.

Tracking the Cruising Path

The TV features the route of the World Dream cruise to nowhere.

The World Dream cruise to nowhere sends you off to the waters of West Malaysia along the Straits of Malacca to float around.

And about 2 hours since departure from Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore, hello Malaysia.


Overall, I had a great stay inside the Balcony Deluxe Stateroom which was sufficiently spacious, and with fresh air from the sea on the balcony allowing me to see Malaysia and Indonesia from a distance.

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This cruise was kindly sponsored by Dream Cruises Singapore, under a separate project.

World Dream Super Seacation Cruise To Nowhere


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