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World Dream The Palace Luxury Cruise To Nowhere

For my last dinner on board the World Dream, I decided to book it at Seafood Grill by Mark Best to sandwich my favourite specialty restaurants as a start and end to the cruise to nowhere. Seafood Grill by Mark Best is World Dream’s seafood restaurant, which operates side by side with Prime Steakhouse by Mark Best with interchangeable menus. Having done the steak already, I wanted to have a Seafood Platter as a luxurious finish.

This time though, the taste was… slightly underwhelming.

There was no queue outside Seafood Grill for dinner.

I was seated inside Prime Steakhouse, with the Seafood Grill section being full already. No big issue, the menu is the same anyway.

Both Seafood Grill and Prime Steakhouse menus are provided by the restaurant. Courses can be mixed from both sides to form a set.

The Seafood Grill menu combination was almost what I would like, except for the Farmer’s Vegetable Salad.

As such, I decided to get Escargots from the Prime Steakhouse side of the menu.

The meal started with filler bread and cold cuts.

The Escargot Bourguignonne, or Burgundy-style Snails in Garlic Herb Butter, were as good as the ones I had on the previous day.

Next up was a Cream of Asparagus with Crisp Prosciutto. This was nice and smooth with the crispy pork adding more texture to the soup.

And my main star of the show, the Seafood Platter, was…

… different.

For reference, these were how my Seafood Platters looked like here and here on my previous trips.

In comparison, my Seafood Platter this time round was very pale looking with obvious blackening around the prawn heads. The overall seafood on my plate had the general feeling of not being fresh, and the new cream sauce was quite strong, so it masked the taste of the seafood, rather than complementing it like the butter sauce last time.

Not a memorable dish to end my cruise with.

Luckily, dessert saved the day with my favourite at Seafood Grill and Prime Steakhouse, the Bitter Dark Chocolate Fondant served with Chocolate Fudge Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream.


I had expected a nice finale to my cruise with the Seafood Platter, but unfortunately, it wasn’t as good as it used to be. Hopefully, this will be a one-off issue as my previous experiences at Seafood Grill with the Seafood Platter was vastly different from this cruise.

Thankfully, there’s the Palace Restaurant to supplement this meal at supper.

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