World Dream The Palace Suite Review

World Dream The Palace Super Seacation Cruise To Nowhere

For just S$552 for 2 persons, I upgraded my World Dream cruise on board up to The Palace where all-inclusive privileges await. On top of that, my stateroom got upsized to the Palace Suite which gives me almost twice as much space as compared to my original Balcony Stateroom. Here’s a look at what luxury living is like on board the World Dream Super Seacation Cruise To Nowhere.

The Palace On-Board Upgrade at Reception Counter (Deck 6 FWD)

I made my Palace upgrade at the Reception Counter on Deck 6 for S$552 after a short tour and some sales pitch by the onboard crew. Click here to read more.

Palace gratuities of S$52 can also be paid immediately at the start of the cruise. This is just S$10 more gratuities (2-night basis) than the Balcony Stateroom, which is totally worth it considering the personalized and premium service you get, and you save on the 18% service charge at Specialty Dining Restaurants since they’re part of the inclusive meals at The Palace.

World Dream Palace Suite

Palace Suites on board the World Dream are located from Decks 13 to 17. These are the lead-in category of staterooms in The Palace, which is advertised as a “luxury ship-within-a-ship” concept.

My first look of the Palace Suite living area after upgrading.

Taking the width of the Palace Suite, it looks to be visually double the size of the Balcony Stateroom already. For the actual size, the Palace Suite is 37 square meters big, which is almost double the size of the 20 square meters Balcony Stateroom.

The Palace Suite comes with a “Dream Bed” which features Italian luxury linens from Frette™, downy duvet, and mountain of pillows.

USB and 3-pin 2-pin sockets are available on each side of the “Dream Bed”.

There is a big sofa which can be converted to a double sofa bed.

The TV in the Palace Suite has the same layout and colour scheme as the Balcony Stateroom and Balcony Deluxe Stateroom.

The working table is split into 2 sides with a mirror on one side. I thought this was quite a smart design to provide more space on the table which divides belongings easily.

There is a phone on one side with an express button to ring up my Butler.

My butler left a card with her direct number on it, but the express Dream Butler button on the phone does the same job.

USB, 3-pin, and round-head 2-pin sockets are available by this table.

On top of the Dream Weekender which is the daily schedule throughout this weekend cruise, The Palace residents get an additional information sheet explaining The Palace facilities.

Palace Suite Balcony

The Palace Suite comes with a big balcony, double the size of the regular Balcony Stateroom and Balcony Deluxe Stateroom. This can be accessed from 2 doors within the Palace Suite.

The super spacious balcony in the Palace Suite with more than enough space for 2 persons to stretch out fully.

The view out of my balcony towards Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore.

Palace Suite Minibar

Beside the side table, there is a minibar area. All minibar items are included (read: FREE) in the price of The Palace.

There is a very generous offering of free drinks in the minibar.

A variety of canned drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and also a bottle of Perrier sparking water, are available for free.

There’s also a bottle of Bottega Gold Prosecco in the minibar for free.

Up in the hot drinks tray, the instant coffee and tea offerings are the same as the regular Balcony Stateroom and Balcony Deluxe Stateroom.

However, there is a Nespresso machine just on top if stick coffee isn’t your thing. 3 types of Nespresso capsules are available – Ristretto, Fortissio Lungo, and Volluto Decaffeinato.

Snacks to munch on in the Palace Suite are also available for free.

Palace Suite Walk-in Wardrobe

Between the main door and bathroom, the Palace Suite features a walk-in wardrobe.

Plenty of storage space in here.

There’s also an umbrella which I have no use for on this cruise to nowhere, but I guess it’s useful for shore excursions once overseas travel is allowed again.

The Palace Suite provides a very high quality bathrobe.

An in-room safe is available.

Hangers are still the normal plastic type though, but it’s sufficient to hang my clothes.

Palace Suite Toilet & Bathroom

Because 1 sink in the toilet is too mainstream, there are 2 sinks in the Palace Suite toilet.

On top of the generic 3-in-1 soaps provided around the toilet and bathroom which are good enough for me, The Palace also offers Etro™ premium bath amenities.

The full suite of toiletries are placed on the shelf above the sink too, some of which are only upon request if you are in the Balcony Stateroom or Balcony Deluxe Stateroom.

A bathtub with bath salts is available, however, there are no curtains installed. Be careful when spraying around.

The standing shower and toilet bowl are well spaced on one side.

The water pressure and temperature control for the standing shower doubles up as a side table to place your toiletries on (I think).


Overall, the Palace Suite was premium and luxurious, totally worth my paid upgrade for the next 2 nights. Not only do I get a premium stateroom, I also got the full premium Palace experience throughout the cruise at specialty restaurants and exclusive Palace areas, so my upgrade definitely paid of as compared if I only went for the meals separately in the Balcony Stateroom, which would cost more than my upgrade if factoring in 4 meals per person already.

If there was an annoyance though, it would be most of the Palace Suites mostly clustering on Deck 15 – but it’s not because of the cluster though. This is just 1 deck below Deck 16 where heavily-visited places like the Main Pool Deck, Kids Water Park, and The Lido are located at. My Palace Suite was located just below The Lido entrance so I could hear all the heavy running-around by kids taking place just above me, even at wee hours of the morning.

If you are considering getting the Palace Suite, see if you can opt for a room towards the forward part of Deck 15, or request yours to be on Deck 17 or 13 where there will be less footfall above you.

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World Dream Super Seacation Cruise To Nowhere


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