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Silk Road is World Dream’s specialty Chinese restaurant offering an a la carte or set Chinese menu similar to Chinese restaurants on land, and is an alternative to Dream Dining Room Upper if you want something different from the inclusive set menu provided there. Since I’ve not tried Silk Road before, I decided to check this last specialty restaurant off the list to see what’s on offer there, thus completing all specialty restaurants on board World Dream (except Vintage Room for lack of money reasons).

The entrance to Silk Road Chinese Restaurant is at Deck 6 Forward just beside the stairs.

The interior of Silk Road is like an old Chinese restaurant with a fully red interior and round tables.

Interestingly, the pillars don’t use the Fu Lu Shou symbols, but instead, uses the Genting logo, like a hidden Mickey.

The meal starts off with a hot towel and some peanuts.

Chinese tea is provided along with the meal.

The Silk Road Palace set menu is provided alongside the a la carte menu.

The Silk Road set menus are on rotation, and on my dinner, Set Menu C was offered.

Set Menu C costs S$68+ per person if purchased with cash.

All the dishes except for dessert were served at once in Silk Road, instead of course by course, which is the same as Dream Dining Room Upper. The overall look of the Palace set menu was… underwhelming.

Note that this picture depicts a full set for 2 persons.

The meal starts with an appetizer of Sweet and Sour Seafood Roll In “Teow Chew” Style. This was crispy on the outside with a sweet and sour sauce that tasted a bit like sweet Thai chilli sauce instead.

The soup was Pork Bak Kut Teh. It was underwhelming with mostly pork balls, and 1 pork rib (Bak Kut) in total in the bowl.

Palace Restaurant > Silk Road.

One of three mains were Baked Cod Fish Fillet with Foie Gras Barbeque Sauce. It wasn’t a fillet, more like a slice of cod fish, but the overall taste was pretty good with an umami sauce and crispy fish skin. I wish I had more than 3 small bites of this.

Next is Braised Duck with Chestnut and Sea Cucumber. Not much duck, with the dish consisting of more mushrooms and sea cucumber instead.

The third main course is Wok Fried Prawns with Butter Black Pepper Sauce. The batter outside was crispy with the prawns retaining its juices.

During the meal, a waiter took the stage with the pre-departure safety briefing. #notdreamboys

Dessert is a Chilled Sweetened “Luo Han Guo” with Herbal Jelly, a hybrid of two desserts in one.


Overall, Silk Road feels like a more premium Dream Dining Room Upper in terms of menu, but the overall experience was underwhelming. I wouldn’t pay the cash amount for this meal. Thankfully, in the Palace, the Palace Restaurant is open at most hours of the day with free flow food, so that’s where I headed to after dinner for more food as the Silk Road Set Menu C wasn’t filling.

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