World Dream Halal-Friendly Cruise • Asia Pacific’s First Halal-Friendly Cruise Ship

World Dream Halal Friendly Super Seacation Cruise To Nowhere

The World Dream is Asia Pacific’s first Halal-friendly cruise ship certified by the United World Halal Development (UNWHD). This brings convenience to Muslim passengers heading on board the World Dream for a cruise to nowhere out of Singapore with Halal-certified meals throughout the cruise and a prayer room with Quran, mats, and compass provided.

World Dream Halal Certified Buffet at The Lido

The Lido is World Dream‘s buffet restaurant located at Deck 16 AFT.

Here, there is a dedicated Halal buffet line serving up Halal-certified food throughout meal times.

Meals here at the Halal buffet line are mostly Malay Muslim food. According to many non-Muslims I spoke with, and my own tasting experience too, the Halal line offers better food than the regular No Pork No Lard line. (Yes, the rest of The Lido is either vegetarian or No Pork No Lard.)

During Ramadan, dates are also provided to break fast with at Iftar. An early Sahur meal is also provided at The Lido.

The Maghrib timing is also provided in The Lido in preparation for the breaking of fast.

I had the privilege to go on a galley tour on board World Dream, and the Halal Galley is segregated well from the other galleys to prevent contamination.

Halal food is transported around the ship with a dedicated back-of-house Halal Lift (painted with a blue frame) to further prevent contamination with other foods.

The Halal Lift is further observed inside with a CCTV to ensure all procedures are followed by staff for transportation of Halal food.

World Dream Prayer Room at Deck 5 Meeting Room 6

The World Dream Prayer Room is located at Deck 5 Meeting Room 6. This is beside the 24-hour Medical Centre.

The changing room and space to perform Wudu is on the left, and the prayer room is on the right at Meeting Room 6.

Meeting Room 6 has been converted to be a prayer room for Muslim passengers. Quran, prayer mats, and compass are provided.

During Ramadan, additional prayer room space is opened at Meeting Room 3.

Crystal Life Spa

Spa treatments in Crystal Life Spa can be gender-segregated for Muslim guests.

The general spa space with the changing area, Thermal Pool, Sauna, and Steam Room is also gender-segregated by default.

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World Dream Super Seacation Cruise To Nowhere