World Dream The Palace Exclusive Palace Facilities including 24 Hour Dedicated Butler

World Dream Super Seacation Cruise To Nowhere

The Palace on board the World Dream has a completely private area with facilities for The Palace guests only, which I was able to use throughout the cruise. With this premium section, the cruise felt less crowded and more personalized throughout my stay. Here’s what The Palace guests can enjoy when on board the World Dream in luxury.

The details here are for Palace guests only. For facilities and activities for all passengers to use regardless of class, click here.

Dream Weekender & The Palace Weekend at Sea

The Dream Weekender is the cruise daily on my weekend cruise printed with the activities and promotions available on board. This will also tell you the restaurants’ operating hours, including all the specialty restaurants which are inclusive for The Palace guests.

The Palace Weekend at Sea is an additional cruise daily for The Palace guests, specifying all of The Palace facilities and benefits. Notice that most items on the list are complimentary.

(Actually, you needn’t worry about all the timings since your personalized cruise schedule would have been taken care off by your Butler, but it’s good to know if you want to go for something additional in the regular section of the cruise.)

Click through the album above to view the Dream Weekender and The Palace Weekend at Sea published for my cruise.

The Dream Weekender can also be viewed on the Dream App.

Dream Butler

The Palace experience is elevated with the round-the-clock Dream Butler concierge service. The Butler makes all bookings and reservations for facilities, shows, and restaurants, for The Palace guests.

This offers a very personalized experience throughout the cruise with Ivy, my Butler, arranging my cruise itinerary throughout the cruise, even checking in at meal times to remind about my schedule and to ask how everything is going.

Palace Complimentary Wi-Fi

The Palace guests get free Wi-Fi throughout the cruise. Simple and straightforward.

Palace Priority Elevator

Hidden behind this non-descript door is an express way for Palace guests to reach The Palace on Decks 17 and 18.

The Palace Priority Elevator serves Decks 13 to 18 in the forward part of the ship, connecting Palace Suites to The Palace easily. The Palace room key also needs to be tapped on the card reader inside The Palace Priority Elevator to activate it, ensuring that only Palace guests are using it.

Palace Lounge

The Palace Lounge is where drinks are served exclusively for The Palace guests, and also functions as a spillover from the Palace Restaurant when it gets full.

Click here to read more on The Palace Restaurant menu and dining experience.

Palace Restaurant

The Palace Restaurant serves up breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper exclusively for The Palace guests.

Click here to read more on The Palace Restaurant menu and dining experience.

Genting Club

The Genting Club is, well, a high-limit casino reserved for Resorts World At Sea Gold members and above only. Since it’s located within The Palace via a set of stairs or The Palace Private Elevator, The Palace guests can play here too.

Palace Pool & Jacuzzi

The Palace has its own private swimming pool and jacuzzi on Deck 18. In corona times, booking for a timeslot is necessary, which can be done through my Butler. A ticket will be issued for the booking timing, which needs to be presented at the entrance to the Palace Pool.

The Palace Pool was nice and quiet thanks to safe distancing measures, and felt very private right at the front and top of the ship.

Plenty of deck chairs are available, even though they are still alternately blocked out for safe distancing.

There are 4 jacuzzies around, 2 by the Palace Pool itself, and 2 right at the front of the ship. There is no mixing of groups in the jacuzzi.

Personally, the two jacuzzies right at the front of the ship is the most unique, which is also where I requested for my booking.

The jacuzzi fits a small group of perhaps 4 easily.

Here, the jacuzzi offers a commanding view out to the front of the ship, cruising along the South China Sea.

Having an inclusive cocktail bubbling in the jacuzzi with a vast sea view – the hallmark of high-class Palatial life.

Palace Spa

The Palace has its own private spa with a sauna and steam room on Deck 18. In corona times, booking for a timeslot is necessary, which can be done through my Butler. A ticket will be issued for the booking timing, which needs to be presented at the entrance to the Palace Spa.

Lockers are available to store your items. However, thanks to safe management measures and prior booking, the whole spa is reserved for my group only to minimize interaction with other guests.

Do use the lockers anyway, because it comes with amenities.

A towel and water bottle are provided, along with other toiletries.

The sauna and steam room are located side by side.

The sauna offers a vast view of the sea. Be careful not to lean on or touch the windows though, it is extremely hot.

I’m not sure if this is how the steam room works but it was super steamy, up to the point where it was suffocating. I spent probably a grand total of 5 seconds inside before I gave up. Perhaps too few people are using it so too much steam gets trapped inside.

After your sauna and steam room session, you can freshen up immediately with showers in the spa.

The Palace Public Toilet

Not something usually mentioned, a trip to The Palace area is not complete without a visit to the rather grand public toilet.

Not just tissues or hand dryers, actual towels are provided to dry your hands.

For gentlemen, the public toilet offers a scenic view out to sea while you do your small business.

Zodiac Theatre Priority Entrance and Front Row Seats – Silk Road

For shows at Zodiac Theatre, The Palace guests enter from a separate priority entrance at Silk Road Chinese Restaurant on Deck 6.

The Palace guests are ushered into the Zodiac Theatre to a priority seating area up front near the stage.

The front rows of seats are marked specially for The Palace guests.

Before the start of the show, Lucky Dreams tickets were on sale for S$20 by the crew in the Zodiac Theatre. Having lost S$12 to Dream Cruises on my previous cruise with this game (I “won” S$8 according to the crew lol), I did not try my luck this time.

Note that the grand prize is a cruise for 2 persons in a Balcony Stateroom. You’d be better off winning the second prize of S$2000 instead.

On the first day of the cruise, the Dream Variety show was on, which was not available on my previous cruise.

The Dream Variety show was a mix of Chinese and western performances with no storyline, but seems like most people in the crowd were entertained.

I have to give credit to Yimo who was the main singer (both male and female parts) and comedian throughout the Dream Variety show, if not the show would have been mundane.

See what I mean by having no storyline.

Zodiac Theatre Priority Entrance and Front Row Seats – When Running Late

On the second day of the cruise, I booked for the Vision by Vincent Vignaud magic show again to see if I can figure out his magic tricks. This time round, I was running late for the show, so The Palace priority entrance at Silk Road Chinese Restaurant was closed already. Nevertheless, I headed up to the regular entrance, no big issue.

Tapping in to the Zodiac Theatre as usual.

What really surprised me was that Ivy, my Butler, knowing that I was not in the Zodiac Theatre yet after the priority entrance was closed, was waiting for me at the regular entrance so that I could be escorted down to The Palace section of seats.

If this is not personalized service, I don’t know what is.

Vision by Vincent Vignaud is an interactive magic show. However with COVID-19, safe distancing measures apply and there is no physical interaction between Vincent Vignaud and the audience like going up on stage. However, theatre staff pass around equipment with an extended tray along with plenty of hand sanitizers.

Audience members are selected via cameras in the Zodiac Theatre, and microphones are passed around for the audience members to speak into.

On top of interactive magic tricks, there are additional stunt performances as well, entertaining the older crowd easily.


Overall, The Palace offers an elevated cruising experience that is private, exclusive, and personalized with various facilities for the exclusive use of The Palace guests only, and a Dream Butler who takes care of your entire cruise schedule, without the need to worry about booking a slot by yourself on the Dream App. All you have to do is tell your Butler what you want to do the first time you meet him or her, and your schedule will be taken care off.

Upgrading to The Palace was definitely the right choice I made on this cruise on board the World Dream.

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