World Dream Medical Centre Tour with COVID-19 Response Plan [Exclusive!]

World Dream Super Seacation Cruise To Nowhere

On my fifth cruise to nowhere on board the World Dream, I had the privilege to visit the Medical Centre to see what’s it like when there’s a medical emergency on board, and the COVID-19 responses the World Dream has if there is a suspected patient under investigation, quarantine, or a confirmed COVID-19 case on board.

World Dream Medical Centre (Deck 5)

The Medical Centre on board World Dream is located at Deck 5. This is only accessible by the forward elevators.

The Medical Centre is to the left of this counter. On the right, it leads to the Meeting Rooms and Prayer Rooms.

The entrance of the Medical Centre.

The main counter of the Medical Centre.

Here are some of the basic charges at the Medical Centre. The rates are comparable to mainland Singapore.

During consultation hours, the Medical Centre operates just like your general practitioner on mainland.

The 24-hour hotline for the Medical Centre is 898180, but it is also on speed dial on the phone in staterooms.

For my Medical Centre tour, I was brought around by Dr. Selvam who hails from Sungai Petani, Malaysia.

First up, the emergency cases on board.

World Dream Operating Room

The World Dream has their own operating room for any immediate surgeries that must be done for the patient before the ship gets to port.

Medical Centre Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Once the operation or when needed, the patient is then whisked away to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

World Dream Medical Centre Wards

The World Dream Medical Centre has 3 wards, each of which are 2 bedded.

Patients also get a TV to watch while in the ward.

COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction Test (PCR Test) On Board

Ward 1 has been converted to a COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction Test (PCR Test) facility. While all passengers would have gone through the COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test (ART) before boarding, the PCR Test is conducted again immediately on board for any suspected COVID-19 case.

Full PPE is donned before entering the ward with a suspected or positive case.

The PCR Test is conducted in the window corner of Ward 1. The patient will sit down and the medical staff will do the swab behind the shield.

The sample is then brought over to the PCR Laboratory where the test is immediately conducted.

The World Dream has their own PCR machine, called a thermocycler. With in-house PCR testing, the COVID-19 results can be out in 75 minutes.

The PCR Laboratory must be in an independent room, so other testing facilities have been moved to a separate room.

I was also briefed on the various scenarios for patients under investigation, patients under quarantine, and a confirmed COVID-19 case on board. There’s lots of possible scenarios, and I was quite assured that the procedures were all well thought of and efficient if I were a positive case.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to visit the COVID-19 isolation ward, due to a person under quarantine on the previous cruise, who tested negative, but they were still placing the ward under quarantine and deep cleaning it during my visit, which further highlights how the procedures are taken seriously even when the patient has tested negative for COVID-19 but is a high risk case.

Thank you Dream Cruises Singapore for this insightful visit to the Medical Centre!

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