World Dream The Palace Priority Disembarkation at Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore

World Dream Super Seacation Cruise To Nowhere

A very luxurious 2 nights, and my Palace experience on board the World Dream is coming to an end. Even so, The Palace services don’t end until you are almost at the gangway. Here’s what it’s like disembarking from the World Dream as a Palace guest.

The Palace Priority Disembarkation

The night before, my Butler came round during my dinner to explain about the priority disembarkation time at 9.15am for The Palace guests.

However, as I would have preferred more time to freshen up after breakfast, which ends at 9am, I requested to opt out of the priority disembarkation and I was allowed to choose my own preferred timing up to 11am when all passengers must be off the ship. My Butler reminded me to call her before I leave my cabin.

Back in my Palace Suite, a disembarkation notice was provided, reminding me to settle my bills, along with a luggage tag if I wanted to get any luggage checked to be brought out to Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore in advance.

At around 10.30am, my Butler came by to escort me from my Palace Suite for disembarkation, zipping through lines for the elevator.

The escorting ended at the MICE Pod Collection Area, now at Zodiac Theatre, where we parted ways. Missing the Suite life already.

World Dream Disembarkation Process

After scanning my MICE Pod and confirming my identity, I was free to head to the gangway…

… except, true to my Butler’s advice, it would be crowded. No big issue, I wasn’t rushing off anywhere after the cruise.

Having the MICE Pod Collection Area at Zodiac Theatre makes so much more sense now that everyone only moves around Deck 7, without the need to climb stairs as compared with my previous experience at Dream Dining Room Upper.

Tapping out of the World Dream one last time.

And it’s off to the gangway to step off the ship.

Heading up the gangway to Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore.


If there’s a sign to scream “Welcome to Singapore” louder than actually saying “Welcome to Singapore”, it would be the spam of SafeEntry QR codes along the way to immigration for you to check in to Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore.

For those using TraceTogether Tokens, staff are on hand to scan them just before immigration.

Singapore Immigration

Heading to arrival immigration.

Once done, it was a strange empty sight at the arrival hall with the disembarkation COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test (ART) empty.

With effect from 20 February 2021, there is no more disembarkation COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test (ART) at Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore. Passengers clear immigration, collect checked baggage, and clear customs, thereafter exit the terminal as per normal.

With no checked baggage to pick up, I headed straight through customs and out to the public area.

Back in Singapore

Back to reality with such speed. The time taken from my Palace Suite to here in Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore was a very efficient 20 minutes.

What hot weather. I think I need a dip in the Palace Pool – ah wait a minute.

The onward journey, no longer in The Palace, continues with a 12-meter long stretch limousine.


Overall, it was a refreshing 3 days on board the World Dream, especially in The Palace, living the high Palatial life far from reality.

See you again in April! Let’s see if I want to do The Palace again, hmm…

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World Dream Super Seacation Cruise To Nowhere


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