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Umi Uma Teppanyaki is the most popular restaurant in The Palace, and bookings should be made with your Butler the moment you meet him or her for the first time as early as possible. On top of the cooking showcase by the chef as a gimmick, Umi Uma Teppanyaki is also limited to dining numbers since there are only 5 teppanyaki tables in the restaurant. My original request to have Umi Uma Teppanyaki for my first dinner was not possible, and the only available slot for me was for high seas day lunch.

Heading into a very empty Umi Uma since I was assigned the first seating of the day.

There’s a sushi bar at the entrance of Umi Uma.

There are also Shabu Shabu Hot Pot and Korean BBQ tables.

Teppanyaki tables are laid out in 3 individual grills along the length of the restaurant, and 2 back-to-back grills at the end to cater for a bigger group. However, as I was cruising during limitations of groups of 2 diners for dine-in, each teppanyaki table only catered to 2 groups of 2 diners each, furthering lowering the capacity of the restaurant.

Palace guests get to choose between teppanyaki, Korean BBQ, and bento sets. Your preference is noted by your Butler who will assign the seating in the restaurant accordingly.

PSA: Please don’t be that auntie who orders a bento set when seated at a teppanyaki table, taking up space for those who want teppanyaki but were unable to get a slot.

I’ve had this teppanyaki set a couple of times now, having a Filet Mignon each time, so I thought I’d switch it up a bit to have salmon instead.

My table setting before the teppanyaki show begins. The sauces at the side are honey mustard and balsamic vinegar.

The meal starts with a side salad.

Japanese green tea is provided in a suspiciously familiar cup. Hmm…

Miso soup is also provided.

There’s also a Wonders of Japan Wagyu Teppanyaki Set going at S$108+. It would have been nice to try it, but unfortunately, this premium item was not included in the Palace, and I wasn’t going to fork our additional cash for it.

The teppanyaki chef started the performance with some warm up.

The first dish was Japanese teppanyaki vegetables.

The teppanyaki vegetables I had this time were more tasty than my last meal here, probably with the chef being more generous with butter (“ice cream”) and light soya sauce (“Coca Cola”).

Next was some egg juggling and cracking.

The egg anaconda slithering around.

The finished garlic fried rice in a heart shape after chopping up the anaconda.

Garlic fried rice is served up individually, with more available for refills on the grill.

Next is the highlight of the meal – my salmon fillet.

I requested for my salmon to be medium, and was nicely seared on each side, with more butter and light soya sauce to dress the salmon fillet.

The result was a nicely charred salmon fillet with a pink centre. Might be also getting this on my next teppanyaki meal over the Filet Mignon if I were to book another Palace cruise.

Dessert was a Pumpkin Crème Brûlée with Brown Sugar Syrup, which sounds like a new dessert to me.

The Pumpkin Crème Brûlée was nicely smooth and crispy on top, though the pumpkin taste was not very evident.

This was complemented with a side scoop of vanilla ice cream.


On top of Prime Steakhouse by Mark Best, I’d say that the Umi Uma Teppanyaki is another must-do and must-eat when staying in The Palace. There’s safe interaction with the chef through the “performance” while cooking, the seafood and meats are of good quality, and the overall atmosphere of the restaurant gives a totally different vibe from the inclusive restaurants which serve usual set meals or buffets.

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