World Dream Cruising during P2HA Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) at 25% Capacity

World Dream Cruise To Nowhere during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)

During Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), cruises, just like attractions, must operate at a maximum of 25% capacity. That equates to 850 guests allowed to sail on board World Dream from 16 May to 13 June 2021 with additional restrictions such as no dine-in allowed being enforced on board the ship too. However, permitted onboard activities will continue to operate at reduced capacity and with enhanced safe distancing measures.

Here’s a tl;dr list of the open attractions and entertainment options, and my experience cruising on board World Dream during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert).

More details will be below this list.

Dream Cruises World Dream Available Facilities during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)

  • Red: Closed
  • Orange: Significant limitations apply
  • Green: Open or non-significant limitations apply

Restaurants & Bars

Inclusive Restaurants

  • The Lido: Closed
  • The Lido Outdoor Snack Bar: Closed
  • Dream Dining Room Upper: Takeaway & Room Service
  • Dream Dining Room Lower: Takeaway & Room Service
  • Dream Dining Room Lower All Day Snacks: Takeaway & Room Service

Halal and Vegetarian set meal options are available from Dream Dining Rooms and Room Service.

Additional Restaurants & Bars

  • Room Service: Free for Inclusive Restaurants, 18% service charge is included in all Additional Restaurant charges now (ie. nett price)
  • Palm Court: Closed – Only scheduled music performances.
  • Crystal Life Cuisine: Takeaway
  • Hot Pot: Closed
  • Umi Uma: Takeaway & Room Service (Inclusive for The Palace)
  • Prime Steakhouse by Mark Best: Takeaway & Room Service (Inclusive for The Palace)
  • Seafood Grill by Mark Best: Takeaway & Room Service (Inclusive for The Palace)
  • Vintage Room: Closed
  • Bar City
    • Johnnie Walker House: Closed
    • Penfolds Wine Vault: Closed
    • Bubbles Champagne Bar: Closed
    • Mixt Cocktail Bar: Open – Only sealed containers, no regular Beverage Package.
  • Blue Lagoon: Takeaway & Room Service
  • Red Lion: Open – Only sealed containers, no regular Beverage Package.
  • Bar 360: Open – Only sealed containers, no regular Beverage Package.
  • Lobby Café: Open – Only sealed containers
  • Silk Road: Takeaway & Room Service (Inclusive for The Palace)

Teenagers & Children

  • Little Dreamers Arcade: Open
  • Little Dreamers Club: Open
  • Arcade: Open

Sports & Recreation

  • Waterslide Park: Open
  • SportsPlex: Closed
  • Mini Golf: Open – masks on
  • Rock Climbing Wall: Open – masks on
  • Ropes Course & Zip Line: Open – masks on
  • Sun Deck: Open – masks on
  • Jogging Track: Open – masks on
  • Main Pool Deck: Open – Limited to 1 hour usage per guest*
  • Jacuzzis: Open – Limited to 1 hour usage per guest*
  • Kids Water Park: Open
  • Boardwalk: Open – masks on

*You may be able to get more than 1 hour depending on demand. Details below.

Beauty & Wellness

  • Crystal Life Fitness: No gym. Only indoor fitness class with masks on. Maximum class size of 2 groups of 2 persons.
  • Crystal Life Spa: Open – masks on
  • Le Salon: Open – masks on
  • The Gentlemen’s Barber: Open – masks on

The Palace

  • Palace Pool Side Café: Room Service via Butler
  • Palace Pool & Sun Deck: Open – reservations compulsory
  • Palace Gymnasium and Studio: Closed
  • Palace Spa: Closed
  • Palace Restaurant: Room Service via Butler
  • Palace Lounge: Room Service via Butler

Genting Club

  • Club: Open
  • Lounge
    • Palace Guests: Room Service via Butler ie. Palace Lounge
    • Non-Palace Guests: Closed (because it’s actually Palace Lounge)


  • Zouk Beach Club: Open with no activities – No food and drinks consumption
  • Thai Street Market: Open – Takeaway only
  • Zodiac Theatre: Open – 100 passengers per show on embarkation day, 50 on high seas day(s)
  • Resorts World At Sea: Open
  • International Room: Open
  • Premium Room: Open


  • Art Gallery: Open
  • The Dream Boutiques: Open
  • Souvenir Mart: Open

Other Services

  • Business Centre: Open – No food and drinks consumption
  • Bridge Viewing Room: Open
  • Tributes: Open – No food and drinks consumption
  • Prayer Room: Open
  • Clinic: Open

Dream Daily

I have scanned the Dream Daily for my cruise which lists down the various changes on board.

Maximum Group Size of 2

Just like on land, there is a maximum group size of 2 persons on board too, unless you’re from the same household. There should also be no intermingling between groups.

Boarding Day Promotions

There are no Boarding Day promotions as there are various Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) discounted set meals at nett price (elaborated more below) throughout the cruise for room service. However, dining credits can be purchased to further offset the Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) discounted set meals.

(They’re obviously not actually called Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) discounted set meals, I just named them as such to avoid future confusion after 13 June 2021.)

The usual discounted liquor can be purchased on boarding day, along with various bottled alcoholic drinks packages.

Bar 360

At all bars, the drinks packages are no longer on sale, and everyone who pre-booked it should have received an email with regards to the cancellation. However, a la carte drinks can still be purchased from Bar 360 in sealed containers.

As a replacement, bottle packages are pushed out on board with service charge included ie. nett price.

Bar City

Bar City is closed with the exception of Mixt.

Dream Dining Room Lower – Takeaway Meals

Inclusive meals can be taken away from Dream Dining Room Lower and Dream Dining Room Upper.

Both Dream Dining Rooms offer the same menu for each meal. You may choose either a Western Set Dinner or Chinese Set Dinner, or both if you like.

The staff at the entrance will give you a coupon based on your selection.

During the collection, staff will also upsell some Thai and Japanese food.

The Thai Mango Sticky Rice and Thai Papaya Salad, which was only available at the Thai Street Market, is not available at every lunch and dinner.

There is also half-priced cooked sushi from Umi Uma.

Meals can be picked up in their respective lines on the port side. Sets are pre-packed in plastic bags.

Seats in the Dream Dining Room Lower have been moved off the dance floor.

3-in-1 Nescafe stick coffee, Lipton Tea, and Chinese Tie Guan Yin Tea can be picked up from the beverage counter on the starboard side.

Meals must be consumed within your stateroom only. Eating and drinking is not allowed in public places on board.

The meals provided are very extensive, even more than normal during a seat-in meal at Dream Dining Room.

For my first dinner, I had a Classic Caesar Salad, Beef Stew, Thai Red Curry Prawn, Grilled Boneless Rosemary Chicken, Pineapple Fried Rice, Wok Fried Vegetable, Roasted Pumpkin, and Tiramisu Cake with Coffee Sauce.

Notably, the soup is missing, probably to minimize spillage when carrying the plastic bag, but replaced with a full Thai meal instead.

It’s a great start to my cruise with my favourite Dream Dining Room Lower salad offered on my first meal.

The Thai Red Curry Prawn was nicely creamy and went well with the Pineapple Fried Rice, not too spicy too.

The beef stew and grilled chicken were good too, soft and nicely fatty.

Effort was made to decorate the Tiramisu cake in the plastic takeaway box, rather than just slapping the ingredients in it. As only 1 dessert was offered, I couldn’t pair it with ice cream as I would usually do.

Staff will remind you to consume your meal within 2 hours of preparation.

Dream Dining Room High Seas Lunch
Dream Dining Room High Seas Dinner

My other meals were very extensive too.

Dream Dining Room Upper – Takeaway Meals

Dream Dining Room Upper also offers both menus available for takeaway.

The staff at the entrance will give you a coupon based on your selection.

Just like Dream Dining Room Lower, there are 2 lines to pick up either the Chinese or Western Set Meal.

Seats are moved into the 2 sides of Dream Dining Room Upper.

For breakfast, a cup of syrup orange juice is also provided.

Again, a very extensive breakfast provided.

For the breakfast Western Set Meal, the usual Dream Cruises Breakfast Favourites Set was offered, sans the ham, along with a selection of breads and waffle, cut fruits, yoghurt, and a full Nasi Lemak Set, which is really a lot to start the day with.

Only 1 choice of egg will be offered, and I got the omelette for the first breakfast.

The Nasi Lemak was amazing, served with Chicken Rendang and spicy sambal ikan bilis which is not a 50 cents *keteploop*.

The croissant and danish are usually from the bread basket, and the waffle is usually the special of the day, but this time, the maple syrup was not provided – only butter and jam.

Cut fruits are also provided, with the usual portion served.

Yoghurt is served in a cup.

And some syrup orange juice for some morning sweets. You can call housekeeping for ice to keep it cold, or to dilute it.

While coffee and tea weren’t offered at breakfast, they are already provided in your room.

Just boil some water from the tap (it’s drinkable), and you have a Full Dream Western Breakfast.

Dream Dining Room Lower – All Day Snacks

With the closure of The Lido, Dream Dining Room Lower serves up the All Day Snacks.

I’m not sure why but the snacks options are unnecessarily extensive, beating The Lido at their game despite them coming from the same galley.

On my first supper, there were fresh whole fruits, assorted bread, Pickled Cabbage Congee, Fried Silver Pin Noodles with Vegetables and Fish Ball, onion rings, vegetable samosa and Margarita Pizza, which really sounds like something off The Palace.

A “1 set” will come with the main noodle dish and the deep fried items. Everything else will be upsold to you to encourage you to take more by the friendly staff.

For my second supper, there were cut fruits, assorted bread, Sweet Potato Congee, Braised Hokkien Mee, Vegetable Spring Roll, Curry Puff, and Vegetarian Hawaiian Pizza.

However, instead of Teochew Sweet Potato Congee which I thought it was, purple yam was used instead.

Dream Dining Room – Room Service

Complimentary room service for complimentary meals.

For all meals, you can also dial 073 for free room service to bring Dream Dining Room meals up to your stateroom. However, note that the line is perpetually engaged during peak meal times, so you may be better off heading down for a takeaway.

The 073 extension told me that meals would come in about 20 to 30 minutes, but it took less than 15 minutes to get my meal. Alternatively, the Dream Dining Room could also arrange for an advanced request for room service. This was proactively offered to me when I was chatting with one of the Dream Dining Room Lower staff on the 073 extension being engaged.

Here’s my last breakfast on board with room service.

Room Service Menu on Channel 12

Most additional restaurants and bars will offer room service. The menu is available on Channel 12 in the stateroom TV. Here’s a picture spam of the menus available from each restaurant. Service charge is now inclusive in the stated price, essentially making all prices nett.

Dream Dining Room

Dream Dining Room Room Service Menu

Umi Uma

Umi Uma Room Service Menu
Umi Uma Room Service Menu
Umi Uma Room Service Menu
Umi Uma Room Service Menu
Umi Uma Room Service Menu
Umi Uma Room Service Menu

Prime Steakhouse & Seafood Grill

Prime Steakhouse & Seafood Grill Room Service Menu
Prime Steakhouse & Seafood Grill Room Service Menu
Prime Steakhouse & Seafood Grill Room Service Menu

If you are in to value for a full coursed meal, Prime Steakhouse & Seafood Grill perhaps offers the best deal, offering a 47% discount off the Ribeye Steak set, since the original dine-in price is S$108 + 18% service charge (S$127.44 nett).

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon Room Service Menu

If you are planning to get a can of beer, the Local Delicacies section of the Blue Lagoon Room Service Menu includes a drink of your choice which can either be a soft drink, non-alcoholic beer, and an actual alcoholic beer, which pretty much makes the meal a very small top up from your can of beer and thus an excellent deal.

Blue Lagoon Room Service Menu

For example, you can get a Nasi Lemak with Beer (sounds awkward) for S$12 nett.

Blue Lagoon Room Service Menu
Blue Lagoon Room Service Menu
Blue Lagoon Room Service Menu

Thai set menus are available, since the Thai-themed cruises have been extended till 16 June 2021, and Japan-themed cruises pushed back.

Silk Road

Silk Road Room Service Menu
Silk Road Room Service Menu
Silk Road Room Service Menu
Silk Road Room Service Menu
Silk Road Room Service Menu
Silk Road Room Service Menu
Silk Road Room Service Menu
Silk Road Room Service Menu
Silk Road Room Service Menu

Bottled Beer Package

Bottled Beer Package Room Service Menu

With no beverage packages available, the set bottled Beer Package is the next best alternative for a beer drinking session.

House Wine Package

House Wine Package Room Service Menu

2 bottles of wine got for S$58 nett, from the previous S$58 + 18% service charge.

2 bottles of sparking wine go for the same prices too.

Hard Liquor Package

Hard Liquor Package Room Service Menu

Canned Beer Package

Canned Beer Package Room Service Menu

The Canned Beer Package offers similar value to Bottled Beer Package, but is fixed, as compared to the mix and match for the Bottled Beer Package. Cans make it easier to stack in the minibar though, so you do you.

Soft Drinks Package

Soft Drinks Package Room Service Menu

This is a really expensive package – buy your own from NTUC before boarding.

Snack Bundle Package

Snack Bundle Package Room Service Menu

Buy your own from ValuDollar before boarding.

Blue Lagoon

Takeaways and room service is available at Blue Lagoon, with service charge included in the prices ie. nett price.

Crystal Life Cuisine

Crystal Life Cuisine remains open for takeaways. (No room service.)

Hot Pot – Closed

Probably due to logistics and the dangers of having an electric stove set up in staterooms, Hot Pot is closed during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert).

That also means no S$1 soft serve ice cream. The only ice cream available would be the S$3 scoops at Lobby Cafe.

You are still free to walk through Hot Pot as part of the Boardwalk.

The Lido – Closed

Once the biggest restaurant in terms of capacity on board World Dream, The Lido is surprisingly shut during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert). For passengers requiring Halal or Vegetarian (Chinese or Indian) meals, they can still be retrieved from the Dream Dining Rooms or by room service at extension 073. Set menus will be recited to you, though you would only get 1 choice of set menu.

This also includes the snack corner. Snacks can be picked up from Dream Dining Room Lower instead.

Palm Court – Closed

Palm Court (starboard/bar side) is closed but you may still have a seat inside without food and drinks if you want an air-conditioned observatory.

Palm Court – Live Music At Sea

Palm Court (port/music side) is only open for scheduled Live Music At Sea performances.

As part of additional restrictions under Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), there is no unmasking and no singing or playing of instruments that require expulsion of air (e.g. wind, brass instruments) for live performances. For the Gold Dream Duo Live Music at Sea, an electronic keyboard and violin is used instead for instrumental music, in place of singing.

There is also additional social distancing between groups of 2 people inside Palm Court.

Prime Steakhouse & Seafood Grill

Prime Steakhouse & Seafood Grill remains open for takeaways and room service, though business looks really slow.

Umi Uma

Umi Uma remains open for takeaways and room service, though business looks really slow. Head to Dream Dining Room Lower for half-priced sushi which is made in Umi Uma.

Vintage Room – Closed

Vintage Room is closed since no dine-in is allowed.

Bridge Viewing Room

The Bridge Viewing Room remains open.

Crystal Life Fitness (Gym)

The Crystal Life Fitness gym is closed in accordance with Phase 2 (Heightened Alert). Only masked classes are allowed.

Crystal Life Medical Spa

The Crystal Life Medical Spa remais open for masks-on treatment.

Crystal Life Spa

The Crystal Life Spa remains open for masks-on treatment. For the sauna and steam room, masks must be worn too.

Resorts World At Sea

Resorts World At Sea casino is very empty. Shocking.

Limits are also lowered at certain times of the day and night, depending on the crowd. Low crowd = lower limits.

Mini Golf

Mini Golf is open but there was no one in sight. Retrieve the golf balls and clubs from the counter before playing.

Rock Climbing Wall

Rock Climbing Wall is open but there was no one in sight. Ask the counter for assistance before climbing so they can strap you into the harness.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis is open but there was no one in sight. Retrieve the ping pong balls and paddles from the counter before playing.

Ropes Course & Zipline

The Ropes Course and Zipline remains open.

However, the waiting time remains long as only 2 persons can go through the course in each batch. Each batch of 2 persons will take approximately 15 minutes to complete the course, so if you have 4 people ahead of you, that means 30 minutes, and so on and so forth. Queue early if you want a go at flying over the sea.

Souvenir Mart

The Souvenir Mart remains open.

Main Pool Deck & Jacuzzi

The Main Pool Deck and Jacuzzi, along with the water slide parks, remain open.

While it is emphasized that passengers only get 1 hour of pool or jacuzzi time, in reality, there was so few people on board that I could book whatever slots I wanted and still got a private pool twice in my cruise.

On top of COVID-19 safety, I’m also very safe from drowning with 2 lifeguards watching over me in my private pool.

In total, I managed to get 4 pool/jacuzzi slots, of which I returned my last 1 because I had more than necessary soaking already.

With everything empty, I was also allowed to hop into the Jacuzzi during my pool slots since there were no shows.

Palace Pool & Jacuzzi

Picture was taken from Palm Court – I was the opposite of a Palace guest this time round.

The Palace Pool and jacuzzis remain open for Palace guests, with bookings done through your Butler.

Thai Street Market (*No Longer In Operation)

The Thai Street Market remains open on the last High Seas day from 3pm to 5pm. (*No Longer In Operation)

No eating and drinking is allowed at Zouk Beach Club, and all meals must be taken back to your cabin to be eaten.

The Pasa Thai Machine remains in operation.

You get a luggage tag from Tourism Authority of Thailand Singapore Office if you can speak Thai to the Pasa Thai Machine.

Takeaway meals from the Thai Street Market are served in a brown paper bag.

I got a Thai Squid Ball Skewer set for S$5 from the Thai Street Market for my afternoon snack.

Adventure Laser Display

Around the various lookout points to the Main Pool Deck for the Adventure Laser Display, tables are laid out to further enforce social distancing among pairs of people, on top of the usual staff reminding passengers of it.

The laser show goes on as per normal.

Zodiac Theatre – Faith Show

Bookings are compulsory for all shows on the Dream App, with a limit to 1 show per passenger for the entire cruise. Go for Faith instead of the magic show.

Bookings are checked at the first counter, with the tapping in and temperature screening at the following counter.

The emptiness of Zodiac Theatre had me a little bit taken aback with only 50 people inside on High Seas day.

Available seats are directed to you, and are marked out with The Palace head covers, so everyone’s a pretend Palace guest now.

The amount of social distance in the Zodiac Theatre is a lot more than necessary, making it very safe.

The Faith show had some changes that, if you had not watched it before, you would not get the full works of it. Some unnecessary lines have been cut out to minimise speech, and some comedy from Yimo were also not featured, probably to prevent the audience from laughing which produces droplets escaping from the mouth.

Pre-recorded music and songs remain featured.

Must be really tiring doing all those moves with a mask on.

Just like places of worship, singing has been replaced with reciting the lines.

Song numbers are replaced with a violin performance of the same tune. This is Sueño by Andrea Bocelli, thanks to YouTube for identifying the song instantly for the Copyright Claim.

And this is A Question Of Honour by Sarah Brightman, again, thanks to YouTube for identifying the song instantly for the Copyright Claim.

The Faith show was still enjoyable, but if you want the full works, it’s better to wait till after Phase 2 (Heightened Alert).


With the lighter load, disembarkation is a lot earlier and faster too. Disembarkation commences at around 9am for The Palace guests and all guests must be off the ship by 10.15am.


Perhaps the best benefit of cruising during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) is the limit to only 25% capacity or 850 passengers. This results is a very spacious ship with everywhere looking empty.

On my cruise, there were less than 500 passengers in total on board. As such, I had pretty much unlimited pool bookings if I wanted too, lots of food with no waiting at the Dream Dining Rooms, personalized touch for room service thanks to the Dream Dining Room staff, and 3 new Housekeeping friends who kept my stateroom in tip top condition and consistently checking if I have everything I needed. I was the only passenger in my corridor.

Up in The Palace, I had only 1 Butler but in the Interior Stateroom, I had 3 Housekeepers checking in on me – how about that?

While there is no dine-in option at restaurant, I see it as the only set back during this Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) period as most other facilities are open.

If you want an almost private cruise experience, Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) is the best time to cruise with low fares and low passenger numbers. Social distancing doesn’t even need to be enforced since passengers are naturally social distanced with so few passengers on board. (*This promotion has ended.)

KLOOK is offering a Last Minute Sale for a Balcony Room at S$209 nett inclusive of Port Charge and onboard credit of S$50 for 9 June 2021! (*This promotion has ended.)

Book your World Dream Super Seacation Cruise To Nowhere here!

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  1. Hi, thanks for writing this piece! It’s been really informative and helpful! May i know more details about the daily happy hour for palace guests during heightened alert? Is it still valid? And does all the food from specialty restaurants come in plastic containers as well?

    1. Unfortunately I didn’t sail in Palace during Phase 2 Heightened Alert, but I will assume it is still provided via Butler. Orders from specialty restaurants will be served with proper plating and cutlery, instead of disposable bento boxes.

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