World Dream Cruise Travel Restrictions from 23 July to 18 August 2021 (Phase 2 (Heightened Alert))

World Dream Cruise To Nowhere Travel Restrictions (23 July – 18 August 2021)

Dream Cruises has released information on increased tightened safety measures on board World Dream for the sailing dates between 23 July and 18 August 2021 during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert). Half of the passengers will have to change or cancel their cruise, and the other half that made it to the cruise will experience the following changes.

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Onboard guest capacity will be further reduced to 25% during this period

With a new normal 50% capacity of a maximum of around 1700 passengers, the new maximum number of passengers World Dream can now carry is around 850 passengers only.

Checking for possible exposure to COVID-19 individuals

Based on my experience last time, at the health declaration before the boarding COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test (ART) while in the queue at Level 2, ground staff check your TraceTogether App of a possible exposure to COVID-19 individuals. If you catch SBS Transit Bus Service 400 to Marina Bay Cruise Centre, you will need to proceed to Level 2 first – no heading straight up for the swab test.

⚠️ Guests associated with the recent Jurong Fishery Port, KTV and any other active COVID-19 clusters in Singapore, including close contacts of these individuals, as well as individuals placed on a Stay Home Notice, Leave of Absence or issued a Quarantine Order will be prohibited from cruising.

The rest of the manual form is filled up at the health declaration area at Level 3. No QR code forms this time.

Traveling groups limited to 2 guests per cabin

Elephant not included in headcount.

In line with Phase Two Heightened Alert measures, each group should not consist of more than 2 persons. For triple-sharing in a stateroom with the same residential address, they will most likely be split into two cabins, or opt for the transfer or refund option which I’ll write about below.

Guests of the same household with bookings for more than 2 guests per cabin may opt to continue cruise with proof of valid documentation of the individuals’ household details.

Temporary suspension of dine-in service at onboard restaurants with take-away and room service options available

Dine-in at on board restaurants will be temporarily suspended during this period with take-away and room service options available.

Western and Asian cuisines are the usual meals available, with Halal and Vegetarian options available upon request. More details here.

Meals provided are more extensive than usual. More details here.

Temporary suspension of indoor mask-off activities in accordance with government guidelines

If you’re not planning to hit the gym, you won’t be affected as outdoor activities remain open. More details here.

Permitted onboard activities will continue to operate at reduced capacity and with enhanced social safe distancing measures

What this means is you’ll get more space to yourself if you get in to your activity, or get a queue for the activity, and potentially have to skip it.

Reduced Show Seating Capacity

In line with Phase Two Heightened Alert restrictions, shows will also run at a lower capacity of 100 passengers on the first day of the cruise, and 50 passengers on the second day of the cruise.

There will also be no singing and playing of wind or brass instruments, with singing in the Faith show being replaced with other non-wind musical instruments.

The boarding COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test (ART) acts as the Pre-Event Testing (PET) for the 100 passenger limit for shows, which expires on the next day, hence the reduced capacity on the second day. More shows have been added on boarding day to allow for more passengers to watch a show.

Passengers, however, are limited to booking one (1) show per cruise, most likely to allow for more people to watch a show.

During the show in Zodiac Theatre, staff also walk around the aisles to check that everyone is wearing their mask correctly.

Enhanced TraceTogether and TRACEY Checks

TraceTogether and TRACEY tokens are now checked aggressively around the ship at all tapping checkpoints. For passengers using the TraceTogether App, the App must be opened to show the staff that Bluetooth is on and TraceTogether is working properly.

For convenience sake, use the TraceTogether Token so that you needn’t fumble with your phone at every checkpoint.

If you’re not a lanyard person like me, you can use the clip of the lanyard to clip the 3 items together for easy scanning and checking by the ship crew each time you tap your card.

World Dream Refund Procedures

Due to the reduction of capacity to 25%, more than half of passengers will be affected based on quick maths. All passengers traveling from 23 July to 18 August 2021 are eligible to transfer cruise or cancel cruise.

World Dream Transfer Cruise

Passengers who choose to transfer cruise will receive a future cruise credit for the full amount of their cruise (Paid Cabin Fare + Paid Port Charges, as applicable) to be redeemed on another World Dream voyage departing from Singapore between 21 August 2021 and 31 March 2022. Contact your original travel office or agency by 15 August 2021 for available options subject to cabin availability.

Blackout periods apply for transfer cruise:

  • 3 – 10 September 2021 (September School Holidays)
  • 20 November – 31 December 2021 (December School Holidays)
  • 30 January 2022 – 4 February 2022 (Chinese New Year 2022)

As a gesture of goodwill, transfer cruise passengers will be offered an onboard credit:

  • 3-night Sunday cruise – SGD75 per cabin
  • 2-night Wednesday / Friday cruise – SGD50 per cabin

The same itinerary promotional fare and cabin category will be applicable for bookings of new cruises of the same duration; for new cruises booked of a longer duration, guests will be required to pay the fare difference. Administrative fees shall apply for any change(s) to the guest name.

For affected Genting Rewards members who are sailing using Genting Points or cabin promotions, contact the Genting Rewards members’ customer service hotline.

World Dream Cancel Cruise

Passengers may also choose to cancel cruise and receive a full refund of paid cruise fares including Cabin Fare and Port Charges.

For affected Genting Rewards members who are sailing using Genting Points or cabin promotions, contact the Genting Rewards members’ customer service hotline.

Read the full press release here.

Click here for my World Dream cruise experience during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)!

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